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Day 69 – 30 Sept: Ceec and Cross clash over a car – BBNaija

30 September 2023
Yesterday's loss and pain clearly evident leading to a heated exchange between two friends.

Ceec and Cross butted heads this morning in a dramatic conversation over Ceec's Innoson car win.

The aftermath of yesterday's task continued this morning as Cross sought an explanation from Ceec, who maintained there were two sides to the story. She passionately asserted that she hadn't used the same spot in all three instances of the game. She also vehemently denied any intention to hurt Cross and defended her actions. She explained that she had never been averse to taking up different spots during the task urging Cross to communicate his concerns instead of assuming her motives.

Watch the epic clash between Ceec and Cross

Cross, in his attempt to clarify his stance, revealed that he had indeed tried to convey his feelings about the spot to Ceec, but she had not heeded his words, and what started as a calm conversation soon escalated into an argument.

In an effort to clear her conscience and address the growing rift, Ceec made it clear that her victory was not an attempt to slight him; she also referred to a previous nomination by Cross, where she felt hurt but chose to move past it.

As the conversation intensified, Cross expressed his respect for Ceec as a woman but faced accusations of playing double standards from Ceec. Ceec pointed out instances where she had supported him in the All Stars house and how he hadn't reciprocated. She highlighted Ike as the only housemate who had genuinely had her back, an incident out of many that made her not contribute to Cross's immunity bid.

In a later conversation with Adekunle, Ceec highlighted the issues between her and Cross. Some of these include him focusing all his attention on KimOprah when she came into the house as a guest, conspiring with Whitemoney to isolate her, and allowing Pere to get into his head, which is why she isn't friends with Pere. Ceec concluded that she didn't want to be stressed today, as she was looking forward to the last Saturday night rave. On his part, Adekunle encouraged her to keep that mindset up.

The argument between Cross and Ceec has revealed that these two need to iron out the issues that have built up over time since they entered the All Stars house. The question is: will they sort their wahala out before tomorrow's finale? Make we dey look.

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