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Day 64 – 25 Sept: Much ado about housekeeping among the finalists - BBNaija

25 September 2023
Even with fewer housemates, the issue of maintaining a clean house still persists.

HoH/finalist Ilebaye encountered a few murmurings this morning when she tried to distribute the cleaning duties among the finalists. Shortly after their workout session, Ilebaye called for a meeting in the lounge to talk about housekeeping, and what was supposed to be nothing more than mundane chores quickly turned into mild debates among the finalists.

Watch Pere declare not to clean up after any All Stars

Mercy Eke spoke up, suggesting that they should all work together as a unified team. She emphasised the importance of cooperation rather than dividing the tasks into two places per housemate. Adekunle, however, had a different perspective. He pointed out that the house was already clean, thanks to Cross, who had taken it upon himself to clean the entire house the previous day. He argued that if there was any small debris left to be tidied up, Ilebaye should do so herself. As this debate escalated, Mercy Eke took matters into her own hands and grabbed a broom to start sweeping the house.

Ilebaye, the Head of House, made a parting statement that the next Head of House would also experience the same level of disrespect that she had encountered during her tenure.

As if that was not enough, Ceec also raised her own set of concerns, complaining bitterly about someone urinating on the seat of the women's toilet and declaring that she wouldn't be cleaning up the mess. Even though she asked who was responsible, no housemate owned up to it. Additionally, Ceec engaged in a passionate debate about the placement of some plants that Adekunle had moved from the garden into the room. She insisted that the plants belonged outside, as keeping them indoors might attract insects into the house.

All is well now as the finalists engaged in one chore or another, irrespective of their earlier complaints. This incident however highlighted the housemates' diverse perspectives and how even a simple task like cleaning could still become a subject of debate in their final week in the All Stars house.

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