Season 8 strip

Day 51 – 12 Sept: Ceec "unfriends" Cross over obsession with KimOprah

12 September 2023
With KimOprah gone, Cross now has Ceec to deal with.

Ceec is playfully furious with Cross, accusing him of being obsessed with KimOprah when she was a house guest with the All Stars.

According to her, Cross is "very evil", and no matter what he does, he won't win the 120 million Naira prize. Ceec didn't leave it there; she also affirmed that Cross won't win KimOprah outside the house. Ceec's "anger" stemmed from the fact that Cross chose KimOprah over everything in Biggie's house, forgetting that Ceec has been more of a friend to him than every other housemate. She, however, let Cross know that when he settled with Kim, she was happy for him, believing that it was a move that showed he was becoming responsible.

What she didn't bargain for was Cross ignoring her. She playfully shouted at Cross to "maintain this energy outside," letting him know that she was going to deploy every means in her power to drag him online if she found out KimOprah had dumped him. 😂  On his part, Cross reiterated that he wasn't dating Kim, but this explanation didn't calm Ceec as she brought up the issue of her not being picked as a BFF, going as far back as the pizza incident where Cross received the pizza, and Kim took the larger portion to the HoH lounge.

Watch Cross reminisce about KimOprah

The Cross and KimOprah issue came up again in the garden, and this time, Alex, Cross, Mercy Eke, and Whitemoney were present. Ceec added another angle to the matter, saying that Cross and KimOprah have shared a kiss; if not, Ebuka would not have mentioned it. Whitemoney said they were being assumptious, maintaining that Cross is a lover boy and is allowed to show love. He also defended Kim Oprah, stating that she was a proper wife defending her turf. Pere took the side of Cross, insisting that what was happening between Cross and KimOprah was nothing but a sincere friendship. Ceec concluded that, despite everything, Kim had fun.

When it comes to Cross, payback is the word on Ceec's lips, as she told Biggie in the diary room that she must get her pound of flesh before they leave the house, after which they will talk it out and become friends again. Despite their current banter, Ceec still values their bond, and we hope they can move past this incident.

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