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Day 36 - 28 Aug: Doyin takes HoH while five face eviction! – BBNaija

28 August 2023
It was a day of luck for the ladies as Alex also scored the black envelope immunity.
Doyin and Alex

In a dramatic turn of events, Doyin came face to face with Cross as the last two standing in a gruelling HoH challenge. 

Having completed the first round of the HoH challenge, construction of the tallest structure within seven minutes, it was down to AdekunleCross, Doyin, IkeMercy Eke, and Seyi, forming an elite group for the final round.

Notably, this round had a mix of previous heads of house; Adekunle, Ike and Mercy Eke. The task involved a delicate balancing game where they had to balance a box placed on a seesaw using one leg.  Negotiations played a pivotal role as Doyin skillfully brokered a deal with Cross who requested two BFF badges in exchange for his withdrawal from the game. Cross, valuing companionship, agreed to the terms or was he simply just tired? However, Doyin stood the test of time as she indeed was the last one standing.

Watch how Doyin won HoH:

Doyin went on to share the BFF badge with Cross and extended the gesture to Kim Oprah as well. She also picked Mercy Eke and Neoenergy as her BFFS. 

The pursuit of immunity continued with the discovery of Black Envelopes, which had the potential to grant the housemates protection from eviction. Prince Nelson was the first to stumble upon an envelope, swiftly followed by Mercy Eke and Venita. Venita's uncontainable excitement led her to conceal the envelope within her jersey. Ultimately, Prince Nelson's envelope held immunity for a fellow housemate, not himself, bestowing the privilege upon Alex, who was visibly moved by the gesture. Venita and Mercy Eke found themselves without the same fortune.

However, this week came with a stark realization: there would be no "Pardon Me Please" nominations. This meant that the housemates were each required to nominate three of their fellow housemates for possible eviction, one from Biggie's guests and two from the real crew. . The nomination list comprised Adekunle, Angel, Ike, Pere, Seyi and the obviously fake nomination of house guest Lucy

The nominations went as follows: 

*House guests are in brackets as they will not make the final nominations.

Housemate Nominations
Adekunle Angel, Whitemoney (Prince Nelson)
Alex Adekunle, Pere (Sholzy)
Angel Ike, Seyi (Lucy)
Ceec Adekunle, Seyi (Prince Nelson)
Cross Adekunle, Ilebaye (Lucy)
Doyin Seyi, Venita (Sholzy)
Ike Angel, Ilebaye (Prince Nelson)
Ilebaye Ike, Seyi (Lucy)
Mercy Eke  Adekunle, Lucy, Pere
Neoenergy  Ike, Kim Oprah, Whitemoney 
Pere Seyi, Sholzy, Venita 
Seyi Angel, Pere, (Prince Nelson)
Soma  Lucy, Mercy Eke, Pere
Whitemoney  Adekunle, Ike, (Lucy) 
Venita  Angel, Ilebaye, (Prince Nelson)

In true Big Brother fashion, the house guests also had their time in the diary room just for laughs and to twist the housemates. "If you were to nominate two housemates for possible eviction, who would they be," the question was posed. Kim Oprah went for Adekunle and Neoenergy, Lucy went for Angel and Soma, Prince Nelson wanted Adekunle and Soma while Sholzy nailed Angel and fellow house guest Lucy.

The question that now lingers is, who will be the one to exit the house and bid farewell to their fellow housemates and viewers? 

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