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All the relationships, situationships and wahalaships! – BBNaija

04 October 2023
There were no dull moments for shippers this season.

In life, people enter into relationships for various reasons, and the tenants of the Big Brother Naija All Stars house were no different. As the housemates got to know each other, romantic connections formed and relationships were born.

Let us take a look at the All Stars ships that got shippers in their feelings this season.

Watch the ships of the All Stars Season

Angel and Soma's connection underwent different stages in the All Stars house. From serene moments to turbulent times, Somgel experienced it all and as the season progressed, we saw a part of these two that made us coo- awwwn 😍.

Often times this season, Soma was found in the kitchen cooking up a storm for his baby boo, literally feeding her and giving her the ultimate princess treatment guaranteed to make the singles in the house envious.

These gestures were not lost on Angel who on her part wrote him a love letter to cheer him up as the pressures of the house were getting to him. Cupid arrow indeed hit the right spot as these two held on to each other till their last day making the ultimate resolve to only focus on each other as they return to the real world.

Watch Angel's love letter to Soma

Adenita adulting 
Silent strategist Adekunle and the phoenix Venita showed us that when it comes to love, age is nothing but a number. The ship between this dynamic duo showed us how to strategize as a unit, as they were often seen analysing housemates, spending quality time together and sharing romantic moments. These two were like the house parents as they navigated their relationship in a mature way.

As loving as this ship was, they also had their own fair share of issues and one thing we noticed was how they failed to properly communicate their grievances with each other, instead choosing to talk to outsiders Angel and Soma about their relationship issues.

Who can forget their harrowing dinner? A loving gesture that was bought by Venita with her Moniepoint coins, which later turned into a breakfast serving event. In spite of their stormy voyage, we saw Adekunle reach out to the "mother of dragons" in a heartfelt letter during the Lipton task, a move that showed us that there's hope yet for Adenita.

Watch All Stars heart felt letters

Cross and Kim Oprah...and Pere situationship
The bond between Cross da boss and KimOprah became obvious the minute she stepped into the All Stars house as Biggie's houseguest. While Cross always insisted that they were good friends, it wasn't lost on us how inseparable they were in the house, a weapon that Ceec used to torment Cross when Kim Oprah exited the house.

The 'friendship' web spun between Cross and Kim Oprah also dragged Pere into it, and we witnessed an entanglement involving two close friends. On her way out of the house, Kim Oprah let us know that she was going to focus on Cross when Ebuka asked her to pick between Cross and Pere.

However, the story inside the house was different, as both Cross and Pere penned a heartfelt letter to Kim Oprah during the finalists Lipton task, wishing to reconnect with her outside the house. Kim Oprah sure has her work cut out for her.

A WhiteLambo and Percy wahalaship
Queen of highlights Mercy Eke gave it to us back to back with her cruise ship with Whitemoney and Pere. From talking about having babies to sharing a kiss, these two previous BBNaija winners gave us some moments that excited their shippers.

In a plot twist that left mouths gaping, we also witnessed Mercy Eke sharing a kiss with both Pere and Whitemoney at one of the pool and grill parties. This confusion soon sorted itself out as Whitemoney was evicted and Mercy Eke naturally gravitated towards Pere the same way she gravitated towards Whitemoney when Kiddwaya bowed out -Mercy Eke! (in Biggie's voice)

As the show neared its final days, Percy shippers were blessed with aggressive flirtations proudly sponsored by Mercy Eke and we saw the General absorbed in all the attention with a love struck look that showed us he has pitched his tent on Mercy Eke's hill.

Near ships and liplocks

Neoenergy also found himself caught in the midst of ship drama during his time in the All Stars house. His friendship with Tolanibaj was evident but she made sure to keep any other female housemates from coming too close to her "comfort" person. These close buds even shared a steamy kiss at one of the pool and grill parties!

However, it was the unexpected kiss between Neoenergy and Uriel that left viewers intrigued and wondering about the potential for a new ship. Unfortunately, Uriel's eviction left us with unanswered questions about their connection. 

Meanwhile, Cross and Ilebaye didn't shy away from sharing passionate kisses in the midst of other housemates, a move which added another layer of intrigue and romance to the All Stars season.

Love and drama intertwined within the walls of the All Stars house, creating a tapestry of emotions and connections that kept us all guessing. Be it for strategy or love, the All Stars ships sure gave us premium content this season. 

The Big Brother Naija All Stars season may have ended, but the love stories it birthed are just beginning. Will they sail smoothly into the real world, or will they face the turbulent waters of reality? We'll continue to follow the stories of Somgel, Adenita, Cross and Kim, and WhiteLambo/Percy with bated breath.

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