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Day 64: Who will take the grand prize? – BBNaija

25 September 2022
What goes into being the ultimate Big Brother winner? Is it being a good strategist, listener, or gracious Housemate? Here is a look at what each of our Housemates has brought to the Big Brother "table".

After a passionate season filled with ups and downs, we have a total of nine Housemates in the penultimate week who all have their eyes on the prize. Do they have what it takes?

A man with a plan

Adekunle has always been a vocal Housemate, never shying away from expressing his feelings. He has often let his voice mirror his intentions in the House, that of a well-thought-out strategy to cause confusion among the Housemates. For Adekunle's efforts at causing discord, therefore deflecting attention from himself, we would give him an 8/10.

The quiet maneuverer 

It's easy to think Bella hasn't employed much of a strategy in the Game. When you consider the number of times she has been up for possible Eviction and has subsequently been Saved, you will realise that Bella has been playing the Game just as well as her counterparts. Her carefree attitude, coupled with a hint of spice, has won her fans over; hook line, and sinker, making her one of this season's subliminally focused Housemates. Bella's under-the-radar game earns her an 8/10.

The youthful soul

Bryann's fans were almost immediately enamored by him and it's easy to see why. His boyish character, which earned him the name 'Baby Brii', makes him an enigma, and no one can ever really tell what he will be up to next. How can we forget his ability to drift into slumberland from anywhere in the House and in any position, usually courtesy of the fact that he is usually the last one to sleep? Bryann's Game has been one of endearing himself; and for his special touch, he gets an 8/10.

The tiny powerhouse

This week's Head of House Chichi has truly given her counterparts a run for their money. Apart from the two times when Biggie put all the Housemates up during Fake Nominations, Chichi has managed to keep her name out of the Nominations list and we can only attribute this to her ability to articulate her feelings and also get into her counterparts' good graces (even though we know she can go from 0-100 real quick). Added to her friendliness, she managed to pull off the biggest hatrick of the season by not only winning the most crucial HoH title yet, but also becoming a Supreme Veto Power holder. 

The intellectual songbird

It's safe to say that Daniella has managed to find her way into the hearts of her fellow Housemates, giving her an 8/10 for her game. While she has had at least one altercation in the House, Daniella has managed to use her emotional intelligence to create a lasting impression on whoever she interacts with. Plus, who could resist that voice, especially when she sings some of Adele's songs? Apart from being saved by Chichi last week, guaranteeing her a spot in the Finale, other Housemates like Bryann have admitted that if they were in Chichi's shoes and had Supreme Veto Power, they too would save Daniella.

A charmer at heart

Another Housemate who sails into the 80% club is Groovy. If you were to look up the definition of a charmer in the dictionary, you would most certainly see Groovy's face. He not only worked his charm on the ladies in the House, but on all his counterparts. Groovy has managed to stay out of the Eviction chopping block ever since the merge, which is a commendable feat.

Here is what some of the viewers had to say about Groovy:

The passionate guy

There is no doubt that Hermes is a competitive Housemate, which was made obvious by the fact that he is the only one to have held the Head of House title twice this season. Hermes' ability to channel all his energy into what he is competing for is a thing of beauty to watch. He has worn his passion proudly and has never been one to back down from a challenge. It's this same energy that he has played the Game with, which has earned him an 8/10.

A special boy

Sheggz knows how special he is and lives it with everything that he does in the House. The 'London Boy' has never been shy to let it be known how athletic he is, as he takes pride in his sporting career. He brought copious amounts for sporting comradery into the House and he is always the first to raise the white flag after an altercation, be it with his babe Bella, or anyone else in the House. Even after his altercation with Adekunle, Sheggz saw it fit to have a conversation with him in a bid to iron things out. A diplomatic gent, who gets an 8/10 score.

Sheggz compliments Adekunle

The firecracker

Phyna's loud personality mixed with her ability to keep it real, made her noticeable from earlier on in the season, and her fans love their Phyna for it. She has let her candid personality work in her favour and has earned the admiration of some of her fellow Housemates, who would often gravitate towards her during those few times when she is not with Groovy, of course. She scores an 8/10 score too.

With the different personalities that remain in the House, who do you think will be the last man standing next week?

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