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Day 63: Week 9 in the Big Brother House – BBNaija

24 September 2022
The penultimate week in Biggie's House was filled with tension as alliances were formed and friendships tested. Here is a look at what went down.
Week 9

After the Eviction of Allysyn and Dotun last week, coupled with the exit of Biggie's House GuestsChomzy, Doyin and Eloswag, the top nine truly felt the pressure of having made it this far in the Game. The departure of a whopping five Housemates all at once left the Housemates dumbfounded and scrambling for answers about Biggie's intentions.

Hermes took Allysyn's Eviction really hard as he spent most of Monday isolated. He busied himself with some House chores as a way of distracting himself from the reality of Allysyn being gone. After a while, Hermes went into the Garden to exercise before breaking into his signature dance moves. Did we mention that is was raining?

Chichi gets Supreme Veto Power

After bagging the most crucial Head of House title of the season which gave her a spot in the Finale, Chichi was bestowed the power to pay it forward for two other Housemates as the Supreme Veto Power holder. Biggie gave Housemates 90 seconds to pitch their plea for Chichi to choose them to go into the Finale with. When all the pitches were over with, Chichi chose Phyna (who saved her from possible Eviction the week before) and Daniella whom she claimed delivered a very convincing pitch.

Chichi wins HoH

In true Big Brother style, Chichi's Head of House win also afforded her some privileges, such as the use of the HoH executive bedroom. When Biggie asked Chichi who her companion in the HoH bedroom will be, she chose Chizzy whom she had struck up a platonic friendship with. Chizzy also joined Chichi and her guests Bryann, Phyna and Groovy for the Showmax movie night.

Daniella gets the Tail of House title

While we have grown accustomed to seeing Daniella giving HoH titles her all even though she would always fall short of the title, this week she found herself bag the dreaded Tail of House title for her poor performance. Daniella's reward was a Paint by Number activity where she was to paste grains of painted rice onto a marked area on a canvas according to its corresponding numbers.

Of course, Biggie wasn't going to go easy on her. Daniella had to pick the rice with tweezers before pasting it onto the canvas. As the hours rolled into days, Daniella's work of art started to take shape but the final verdict lies in Biggie's hands as only he will determine whether Daniella did a good job or not.

Tail of House

Friendships and ships tested

Emotions were at an all-time high after the Nominated Housemates: Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Groovy, Hermes and Sheggz were called out. Bella went off at Sheggz for interacting with Daniella. A heated argument ensued as Sheggz tried to explain that he was merely comforting Daniella for being the Tail of House, an explanation that fell on deaf ears.

Rachel on the other hand found an opportunity to confront HoH Chichi over the Showmax movie night that she missed out on. Chichi was adamant that the ticket she used was hers and even told Rachel to take her issue up with Hermes who was HoH during the time the tickets were purchased.

Rachel confronts Chichi over a movie ticket

A week of bonding

It could be said that the decrease in the number of Housemates could be the reason why they are starting to form friendships. Whatever the case may be, we were intrigued by the friendships that sprung up this week. Bella and Daniella found themselves sharing a heart-to-heart conversation that was sparked by Bella asking Daniella who she would have saved if she had Supreme Veto Power, to which she responded that she would have evened out the genders in the House.

The ladies digressed into a discussion about ships and Bella got the opportunity to question Daniella about both Khalid and Dotun. Daniella revealed to Bella that she initially wasn't attracted to Khalid and only started liking him after a lengthy conversation they shared.

A party to remember 🔥

You would think with the dwindling number of Housemates, the Thursday Pool Party would have been boring. Well, think again! The Level Up Housemates who have always known how to bring the vibes didn't let their decreased numbers deter them from bringing the heat. There was plenty of twerking from Chichi while Phyna gave Groovy exclusive lap dances. Shella took advantage of the ample room in the swimming pool as Bella kept swimming whenever Sheggz wasn't holding onto her.

GrooPhy throws down at the Pool Party

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