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Day 59: Does Rachel the Rider want Adekunle all to herself? – BBNaija

20 September 2022
Rachel seemed to have moved from being Adekunle's closest friend to wanting him out of the game because he wants to get to know Daniella better.
Rachel talking to Adekunle

Ebuka's table scattering always leaves one of the Housemates shaken and Rider Rachel was the unlucky one this time. On Sunday Night, Ebuka crossed to the House to ask Adekunle about his intentions with Daniella. He admitted his interest in getting to know her better and left Rachel with mixed feelings about him. 

Rachel addressed the matter with Adekunle in a Garden conversation that took more than two hours. In this conversation, Rachel informed the previous Head of House that she felt disrespected by him for expressing his interest in Daniella after he expressed an interest in her. According to Rachel, Adekunle told her that he would like to get to know her better, so Rachel failed to understand why he now would have an interest in somebody else. 

Watch Rachel seek clarity from Adekunnle about Daniella:

Adekunle and Rachel's Garden gist went brutal when he asked her, "do you like me?" When Rachel denied this, he responded with "case closed" and wanted to move on from the conversation. He went a step further and told Rachel that he planned to win HoH and make Daniella his Deputy. Rachel's follow-up question sought clarity regarding the "cues" he had been giving her. For Rachel, hugs should only be given to people when they are dating, and Adekunle had been hugging Rachel in the House. For Adekunle, hugs are just hugs, and there is nothing more.  

In her Diary Session today, Big Brother asked Rachel who she would have saved if she had Veto Power. She chose either Bella or Adekunle, but went with Bella because she doesn't understand Adekunle these days due to "recent events". The event in question is Adekunle's interest in Daniella. She thinks Adekunle is using her and Daniella as a strategy, but he pretends he is not. 

To cement her current feelings about Adekunle, Big Brother asked her to choose someone she would Evict, and Adekunle was one of her choices because she is not completely settled with him. 

Did Ebuka's table shaking reveal Rachel's interest in Adekunle? Was she justified to feel disrespected when Adekunle publicly chose Daniella and not her? 

With Adekunle up for possible Eviction this Sunday, we have a week to see how this story unravels as Rachel continues to shake up the House as a Rider. 

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