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Day 49: Housemates get to know each other intimately – BBNaija

10 September 2022
Today, Housemates were a reminder that you never know a person until you walk a day in their shoes.
Chichi sharing her story

For 49 days, Housemates have been in Biggie's House intending to win the Grand Prize of N100 million. On the first day they stepped into the House, they sat around tables and got to know each other. Strangers at first, the Housemates shared high-level information about who they are and what they are about. None shared intimate details of their lives, let alone their childhoods, until today. 

The remaining 16 Housemates curated stories about a moment in their lives when they had to surpass their fears and doubts and go for what they wanted. Hermes told the story of how he looked for his missing mother for five days without the assistance of the officials. He doubted he would find her but moved past the doubt and lack of support to look for his parent. 

For Hermes, it was a missing parent and for other Housemates, it was losing one to death. Bella and Doyin cited stories that shaped their lives and losing their fathers was it. Doyin was a daddy's girl and never lacked anything. When her father died, she had to become a breadwinner to sustain her younger siblings and her mother. This experience made her a hard worker who still does not enjoy house chores. Bella, on the other hand, her mother filled in the gap that her father left and according to her, "no girl child should grow up without a father."

Watch Doyin being called out for not working hard: 

For Adekunle, his father's life gave him a template of how not to live his life. His father's drug addiction led him to his decision to live a drug and alcohol-free life. His father's life also influenced his dream of not being employed to generate an income, which could lead him to addiction like his dad. He eventually found a job that he did not enjoy and is now pursuing other dreams he had, thus being on BBNaija. 

Like Doyin, Rachel lived a life of privilege that later became a life of lack. She could not afford school fees and life became tough for her. She has learned to be strong and resilient and one day hopes to be more confident. 

Phyna and Chichi had similar stories of growing up as unloved children that had to fend for themselves. At some point in her life, Chichi was homeless and lonely. A dreamer, she felt like she did not belong where she was and did all she could to build a different reality for herself. She fought throughout her life and continues to fight for what she wants. 

Watch Chichi go after a win: 

A 15-year-old Phyna was looking after herself and started working as a hawker and doing people's hair. She found odd jobs that would sustain her and pay rent, but her drive and determination led her to obtain a degree in engineering. 

Chomzy struggled to share her emotional story of being bullied and sidelined because of her illness. Chichi was bullied as a child and shared her story in tears. Adekunle also struggled to hold back his tears when sharing his life story. 

Another Housemate that could not hold back his tears was Sheggz. His journey of becoming a footballer was not made easy by people who doubted him. He persisted through that doubt, moving from club to club and eventually starting his career in football. 

Bryann, Eloswag, and Groovy are the artists that persisted to reach their dreams regardless of the noise. Bryann dealt with rejection, and Groovy and Eloswag were told that they don't have what it took. They decided not to listen to other people and listen to their hearts and went for their dreams of becoming superstars. 

Daniella and Dotun have been on a journey of self-discovery, which led Daniella to establish herself as a spoken word artist from being an athlete. Dotun gave up on being an athlete and has been struggling to find a balance and decide on what career path to follow. He persisted through rejections to enter Biggie's House, and his determination has led him here. 

Allysyn the model traveled quite the journey to establish herself as one. She went through terrible diets to lose weight because she was told that her weight could not get her into commercial modeling. She shut down that loud noise until she finally signed up with an agency and became a commercial model. 

Housemates had a lot to navigate in their lives, and until today, their fellow Housemates did not know their stories. 

Do you think they will be kinder to one another after today? 

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