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Day 43: A heartfelt Eviction Diary Session for Housemates – BBNaija

04 September 2022
Housemates were triggered by Big Brother's line of questioning during the Diary Sessions and let their compassionate side shine.

This week saw all the original Housemates face possible Eviction with the exception of the Head of House, Dotun and the riders Rachel and Chizzy. Since Nominations took place on Monday, Housemates' tensions had been high but today saw the Housemates' mood take an unexpected turn as they turned their worry onto their fellow Housemates, thanks to their Eviction Diary Sessions.     


mental preparation

Before getting into the crux of today's Diary Session, Big Brother wanted to know how the Housemates mentally prepared themselves for Eviction day since they were all up for possible Eviction. The underlying factor for most Housemates was to be themselves. Groovy emphasised, "I just do my normal thing and back it up with prayers."  Doyin on the other hand said she always thinks of the worst-case scenario since she is a generally negative person. 

Chichi was upfront with Big Brother and told him that she doesn't like Sundays because of the Evictions. Diana told Biggie that it's not only just mentally preparing for Evictions, it's the physical process of getting ready for possible Eviction. "I packed 100 outfits for the show Big Brother, so every time I have many things to pack, so I pack them small small," Diana complained, "but I prepare by packing, eating and getting dressed up so I can look good for you, Ebuka and the viewers Biggie."

After telling Bigg that she felt indifferent about today, Chomzy admitted to him that she doesn't like preparing for the Live Eviction Show because of the reality of being up for possible Eviction. Hermes on the other hand who always had a go-big-or-go-home attitude admitted that these Nominations have made him a lot more nervous.

Housemates' Eviction Impact

Housemates let their compassionate side show when Big Brother asked who of their counterparts' Eviction would greatly impact the House. The question forced the Housemates to think about others and consider what qualities they bring to the House.

Chichi, Bella, Giddyfia and Groovy all told Biggie that the House would be impacted by Phyna's eviction the most. "Phyna is helpful Biggie, she cooks for everyone in the House and she has even started fixing people's hair. I think her Eviction would send a shockwave throughout the House," admitted Groovy which are sentiments that Chichi also shared as she said, "I would miss Phyna a lot if she was Evicted but I also think the House would feel it because she is helpful."

One Housemate whose name was on many lips in the Diary Room when Biggie asked whose Eviction would impact the House was Giddyfia. Chizzy was one of those who mentioned Chizzy and supported his answer by saying, "I am not really close to the guy but I think that he is well loved by the other Housemates Biggies, so his Eviction would impact the House the most." Other than Chizzy, Daniella, Bryann, Eloswag, Bella, Hermes, and Doyin all thought Giddyfia's Eviction would be a loss to the House.

Biggie's twist

Oh boy, we are gearing ourselves up for yet another twist! During their Eviction Diary Session, Biggie told riders, Rachel and Chizzy not to react during the Live Eviction Show when Ebuka commands the fake Housemate to leave the Big Brother House. Could this mean that we will see another surprise Eviction like last week?

An emotional Deji also had the same question in mind as he asked Biggie if the Live Eviction Show would play out the same way it did last week when Modella was Evicted. Biggie remained mum about his plans but acknowledged Deji downtrodden mood by giving him time to gather himself in the Diary Room.

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