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Day 40: Housemates painted their true colours in the Diary Room – BBNaija

01 September 2022
The gloves are off as the game gets heated.

In a continuation of the Diary Session that started on Tuesday this week, Big Brother spoke to Diana, Allysyn, Chomzy, Chichi, Phyna, Doyin, Bella, Rachel and Daniella. He probed about the Nominations, Amaka's subsequent Eviction and Dotun's Head of House reign so far. Housemates revealed a lot about the dynamics that have started ttaking shape in the House due to the events of the week.


Housemates gave their detailed reasons for the Nominations they made. The underlying theme was what they thought Housemates felt about them. Allysyn for one had a very strong opinion of Adekunle who she Nominated because of the smear campaign that he started against her. Biggie asked Allysyn if she confronted Adekunle about it to which she replied, "no Biggie, if people want to talk about me I don't care, let them talk." 

Chomzy was also of the opinion that Housemates harboured adverse opinions of her. "I'm not close with anyone in the House Biggie, people don't just like me," said Chomzy as she revealed she had no alliance with anyone in the House and had no remorse over Nominating Amaka and Doyin.

Surprise Nominations impact

Doyin gave Big Brother a more detailed synopsis of how the surprise Nominations changed the Game. When Big Brother asked if Amaka's Nomination was justified, Allysyn said, "not at all Big Brother, and I will tell you why. Amaka was very misunderstood in the House." She further explained that Housemates are easily swayed by one person's opinion of others without taking the time to get to know them. 

In her explanation of how the surprise Nominations have impacted the Game, Doyin likened Amaka's experience to hers. "It's just like me Biggie. One person will say something negative about you and that will automatically become your narrative in the House." Doyin is of the opinion that Amaka had a good thing going, but just rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way in the House.

Settling scores

One thing that surfaced in the Diary Sessions was that Housemates harboured unresolved issues with their counterparts and used the Nominations Sessions to try and settle scores. Chizzy found himself in a position where both Bella and Allysyn put him up for possible Eviction because of how they felt about him. 

"I voted for Chizzy because I find him really annoying Biggie," said Allysyn. Bella shared with Big Brother that she was even insulted by Chizzy, "he called me an ekuke Biggie and in Igbo, that means a stray dog with no sense of direction!"


While Chomzy held a grudge against Dotun over the bathroom cleaning dispute that she had with him yesterday, she along with all the Housemates who had their Diary Sessions today, admitted that he was a good leader. Chomzy went as far as saying, "he's doing his best Biggie."

Daniella told Biggie that she felt challenged during yesterday's Task as she shared that snide comments were made behind her back while she was giving out directives on how the Task was to be carried out. She assured Biggie however that she managed to address these with the parties concerned after the Task was over.

It seems Housemates have unmasked their real personalities in the House, how will this change their interaction with one another?

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