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Day 39: The Level Up Housemates fight over cleaning – BBNaija

31 August 2022
They previously fought about food and missing items. Now doing chores is in the mix.
Level Up Housemates cleaning

The Level Up House merge brought food woes between former Levels 1 and 2 Housemates. Now cleaning is also becoming an issue. During Chomzy's reign as HoH, each Housemate was assigned a chore under the disguise that Biggie demanded they take on this activity for their Wager Task. 

This action helped keep the House spotless and ensured that everyone was taking part in cleaning. However, the Housemates are slacking now. This morning, an argument ensued between Chichi, Eloswag, and Rachel over toilet duties. 

Watch the heated conversation: 

Rachel accused Chichi of littering the toilet and not taking part in cleaning the bathroom. Eloswag joined in when Chichi insisted he couldn't use the space till she was done cleaning. The argument lasted for a while, and Chomzy even had to engage in a war of words as the fellow Housemates felt like Chichi was intentionally being troublesome.

More cleanliness woes

The untidiness issue did not end there. Hermes was visibly upset because an unknown Housemate made a mess in the kitchen and used the wrong item. Giddyfia and Adekunle were also upset at Chichi for leaving a dirty plate she claimed belonged to another Housemate in the sink.

This issue of messiness has been on for a while now. Do you think assigning Tasks to each Housemate is the only way to resolve it?

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