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Day 24: Level 2 Housemates give Biggie their definition of Afrofuturism – BBNaija

16 August 2022
The common thread was the future development of Africa.

The Level 2 Housemates had their Diary Sessions today. Keeping in line with this week's Wager Task, Big Brother who seemed to be in a chatty mood, asked each of the nine Housemates to elaborate on what their interpretation of Afrofuturism is. The underlying energy was that of confidence as most Housemates assured Biggie that they will win this week's Wager like they did last week.

During his Diary Session, Chizzy explained Afrofuturism as a means to better the continent through technology. The Level 2 Rider said that he believed that Africa's future would be bright if the natural resources are put to good use. Chizzy was optimistic about his Housemates' capabilities to bring the great ideas they had for the Task, but he was concerned about the fact that they lost the notebook where their notes were written.

On Biggie's inquiry, Groovy admitted that he had never heard the word Afrofuturism before the Wager Task brief. In his attempt to define what it means, he said he thinks it has to do with the future of arts and technology in Africa. Groovy further said that Afrofuturism is a means to boost sectors in the economy through technology.

In her explanation to Biggie, Phyna said that Afrofuturism is the creation of technologies with African infusion that can be used in the future. She said Africa has the potential to be the strongest continent in the future based on the moves that Africans are making currently. Phyna also echoed Chizzy's concerns about the missing notebook to Big Brother.

Bryann was next up in the Diary Room and aside from the romantic gesture that he shared with Biggie where Modella is concerned, he said Afrofuturism is about infusing African heritage with technology. Bryann said that he envisioned an Africa with improved technology and cleaner water.

Modella defined the concept around the Weekly Wager Task as a mix of cultures with the development of the future of Africa. Modella has confidence in the fact that Africa will do well in the future and said that the theme would draw the world's attention to Africa. She even said she saw America in Africa because we are smart. "The future is bright for Africa, period," emphasized Modella.

When Big Brother probed Kess' thoughts around what Afrofuturism meant to him, he said that it is turning to technology to aid Africa's issues. He said that he felt that Africa is the main deal and that the sky is the limit for the continent.

Pharmsavi said that Afrofuturism is a kind of technology that will help the future and has African aspects. He elaborated by saying that he envisions a time when Africa will have overtaken the world in developing technologies that will solve global issues. Pharmsavi assured Biggie that he and his fellow Housemate's preparations for the Weekly Wager Task are coming along well.

Amaka described Afrofuturism as the inculcation of African knowledge into technologies that can be used to aid African countries in the future. She explained this was what her fellow Housemates also understood it to mean and that they are doing their best to come up with a few ideas.

Daniella who, just like Groovy admitted to not being familiar with the term, had a similar interpretation to Amaka. She said that she understood Afrofuturism to mean the development of existing technologies to an advanced stage for Africans.

We all cannot wait to see what the House brings to the table at their Weekly Wager Presentation. 

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