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Day 2: "Let's Game de Game" aka post Reunion reflections – BBNaija

25 July 2022
Though it was genuinely a cute moment when the two Levels reunited for the first time in the Arena for the HoH Challenge, the aftermath revealed some deep-seated concerns.
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"Let's game de game," Phyna declared shortly after a serious dissection of the Level 1 Housemates.  As if readying everyone for war, Phyna gestured and paced up and down after Kess highlighted that it was indeed time to Level Up. 

As soon as the Level 2 Housemates returned to their House without a Head of House, having lost it to Level 1's Eloswag, it was time for some serious reflection. There was a sudden need to explain themselves to each other and how much they think they fare compared to the Level 1 Housemates they were paired with prior to entering the House. 

Groovy kicked off the analysis with a take on his time with Sheggz. "He’s very observant but he said it many times that he doesn’t mind if he doesn’t win. We are very similar on so many things but I want to win and he doesn't care," Groovy dwelled on the point. Daniella didn't have much to say about Allysyn apart from that she's into team sports like her, also does poetry and she's a model. "We were very alike".

Amaka had only nice things to say about Diana stating how good she is with logical games. She added that Diana is much more reserved than she is and is very amiable and easy to adapt to different situations.  Christy O shared the same sentiments about her Level 1 partner Bella, calling her a thinker and a sweet girl who follows instructions.

Meanwhile, Phyna had very little to say about Chichi. "I didn’t bond with her because I was Josephina, so I gave her the cool girl vibes. She’s very hungry to win. She’s dominating, likes being on top," she said theatrically. Phyna added that they bumped heads three times and she decided to ignore it but she was getting very close to losing it with her. "She’s quick to insult. She’s troublesome. I allowed her be," Phyna explains how she handled Chichi in her Josephina alias.

"Coincidentally we work in the same club in Abuja, I’m a hype girl and she’ll be doing her thing - referring to Chichi's exotic dancing. She’ s very naughty and nasty. I’m sure she doesn’t know I’m like that too," Phyna said slyly, excited that she managed to play her.

Pharmsavi seems to have loved his partner HoH Eloswag. "We vibed together. He’s a smart guy. He can work on you and you end up asking yourself questions. He is a presenter and dancer so he’s got lots of followers but I didn’t feel intimidated."

Cyph was with Adekunle and had this to say about thim "we’re both about love and light and we blended very quickly. It came naturally from the games. He’s an open book but reserved to an extent. We talked about everything. He’s a problem solver and solution oriented. He has a back up plan just like me."

The whole analysis of the Level 1 Housemates disgusted Bryann, who had been following silently as they took turns sharing and asking eachother questions. "It was a game of chance, it had nothing to do with anybody’s jinja. Everybody who’s here is worthy of being here. Don’t say people are hungry hungry," Bryann lambasted the Level 2 Housemates. Khalid couldn't agree more.

While Level 1 Chills

Meanwhile in Level 1, the vibe was totally different. The perks of having the Head of House on your side and possibly safe from Nominations. Adekunle sat in the lounge with Doyin, getting to know eachother.

He shared how he’s only been to a night club once and a lot of people, his former work colleagues included, called him fake for not obsessing over the nightlife. “I’d rather go to the beach and a lot people don’t believe that I only started consuming alcohol during lockdown because I didn’t want to leave this world without trying it,” he said referring to the height of the COVID-19 era. Doyin blamed it on being broke, saying that once he has money he’ll be a different guy.

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