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What vibes should we expect? – BBNaija

15 July 2020
Everyone knows Naija's got the vibe. The big question is, what vibes should we be expecting in the new Season of Big Brother Naija?
BBNaija Vibes

After a feisty Pepper Dem Season and a revealing Reunion Show, all is set for the new Season and as usual, expectations are high. One thing that stands out from Season to Season is the vibe each Housemate gives off.

This Season, we once again look forward to a new batch of Housemates as we anticipate the vibes they will be bringing to the House. It might be a bit of pressure for the Housemates to live up to our expectations, but this is Naija and Naija’s got the vibe, so this should be soft work for the new Housemates.

Going by previous BBNaija Seasons, here’s a look at some of the vibes we hope the new Housemates are going to bring.

Hotkek vibes

Right as they make their way to the Stage, we expect them to start giving off that pure elegance and sophisticated vibe. We want to scream “Aaah!” as they walk out to Odunsi’s ‘Wicked, Sexy’ playing in the back. The Hotkek vibes don’t stop on Stage, we expect them to take that vibe into the House and show us what they are really working with. We want to see them pull up to the Saturday Night Parties in mean outfits that make the trends list. Shout out to Mercy – baby girl slayed effortlessly back to back. We need that energy this season.

Show us that Area vibes

There is something about being down to earth and in touch with the streets’ that connects Housemates with the viewers. A few of the fans favourite had this home-grown vibe that made them quite amusing and easily relatable. Housemates like Efe and Omashola gave off that street vibe and this endeared them to the viewers. They repped their ‘Area’ and were proud to show the entire continent how it’s done where they are from.

Lovers Rock vibes  

"You are the lovers rock

The rock that I cling to…" 

Now you know we cannot have a House without romantic vibes. How would we watch Housemates build ships, take them apart and put them back together again? How would we create fun ship names like Merike and Dialo; pledge allegiance to them and root for their success? Yea… there is no way we are not having that Lovers Rock Vibes this Season.

Crybaby vibes

The cry-babies of the House. They are either crying for love or crying for losing out in a Challenge. Do not get us wrong, it’s always good to cry and let it all out, but after back to back crying sessions, it’s only fair we give them this title. We can’t wait to see the tears drop and tell them “pele, my dear” and also make memes out of it. What?! Don’t act like you won’t use the meme too. We see you.

Owambe vibes

No thanks to the pandemic, it feels like eons ago since we last experienced the feel-good and exciting vibes of Owambe parties. The loud music blaring from the speaker, getting into a dance-off with friends and dropping the meanest Zanku steps. Don’t even get us started about the food and drinks. We miss all the good times and now more than ever, we will be expecting the Housemates to bring in that Owambe vibe to the House. Since we can’t attend Owambes yet, we will channel it through them especially during the Saturday Night Party. Just like the See Gobbe, Double Wahala, and Pepper Dem Gang brought the roof down with their Owambe vibes, we expect the new Housemates to give us nothing less and party like rockstars.

On code vibes 

They say real gees move in silence, but even in silence, they give off a loud vibe. No matter how much these Housemates try to keep it on the low and on a need to know basis, their vibe draws us to them, and even other Housemates find themselves gravitating towards them. Their greatest appeal must be the mystery they shroud themselves in especially when it comes to their strategy in the House. They swear they have no game plan, but that’s the usual line of most On Code master strategists. On the flip side, they are usually the voices of reason in the House and if we do get all the vibes we are hoping for this Season all in one place, we will be needing a voice of reason when there’s an eventual clash of vibes. 

Fierce vibes

After all the fierce confrontations we have witnessed in previous Seasons, now would be a good time to confess that these fights and arguments might be our guilty pleasure. This is a craving we plan to satisfy this new Season. We are looking forward to that Housemate with the Sasha Fierce vibes ready for ‘gbas gbos’; never backing down and won’t hesitate to set off the heat. We are not looking for "a ‘preacher of love’ because everyone cannot be preaching love…" Over the years, we have been entertained with some of the most exciting confrontations and quarrels. We remember episodes where Cee-C took on fellow Housemates with such fierceness and we need more of that vibe.

Cruise vibes

Na Cruise!

Na Cruiseeee!

So important is this vibe in the House that some of the Pepper Dem Housemates gladly called themselves Cruisetopia. And true to their name, most of the Housemates who belonged to this team were some of the most flexible, playful, friendly, and mischievous members of the Pepper Dem Gang. Life in the House was nothing but a cruise for them and maybe that’s why Tasks was a breeze for them. To them, it was not just a vibe; it was a lifestyle! They were playful, friendly, and also mischievous. What’s a Big Brother Naija House without a merry band of playful Housemates? No idea! We don’t plan on finding out this Season.

Brainy vibes

For every Pinky, there has to be a Brain, otherwise taking over the world or the House, in this case, would be a lot harder. This is why we will be expecting some of the Housemates to bring that intelligent and resourceful vibe to the House. Not just for our entertainment, but their own collective good too as their welfare depends on how successful they are during Challenges and Wager Tasks. We need the Jackye of the tech world, Lawyers like Esther and charismatic leaders like Tobi to shoulder these responsibilities. Here’s hoping we will have enough Housemates to bring in that creative, resourceful, and logical vibes.

To be honest, this is just our Wishlist. We can’t say for certain that we will get them all and that’s why we just have to wait until they get into the House . Which vibes are you looking forward to seeing?

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