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Day 16: Tell us the Flutterwave way

04 August 2020
Some Housemates shine during their Flutterwave Task, others, not so much.
tell us the Flutterwave way

After a day of rehearsing, well mostly, we saw the Housemates go into the Arena to present their final Flutterwave adverts and presentations. 

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What is the Flutterwave Store?

The Flutterwave Store, helps small businesses keep the lights on, especially during this difficult time. Small businesses don't have to go through the hassles of creating and running websites and being available for every single customer who wants their product. Instead, they have a convenient online store that can securely accept payments from anywhere in the world and have Flutterwave’s superior dashboard to help manage their business. All you have to do is select the business, select products, and pay. What's great is that the products will be delivered directly to your doorstep. 

You can share in the Flutterwave experience by shopping from your favourite Housemate’s store(s) at a 20% discount with free delivery across Nigeria.

The Flutterwave Task

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Team EVON which includes Eric, Vee, Ozo, Neo chose to present group-pitch style, with Ozo beginning the presentation with their speech about nature being health. Vee put her best presentation voice to get the Housemates attention, pointing out her own hair and Neo's skin as an example of perfection, leaving Neo to take over and continue explaining. Neo stole the show, relatable as ever, speaking to his peers in a way that they will understand, leaving Eric to explain the technical aspects of the Flutterwave value proposition, before the buzzer rang. 

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Team Glow Up

Team Glow Up was represented by Prince, Lucy, Nengi, Dora, Praise. Choosing Prince as their spokesperson while the others supported as silent billboards around him to help him make his point. Prince took us through some of their business specials as he tried to convince the Housemates that their products are superior and affordable.

"Your beauty is our utmost priority."

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Team KEBT Naturals

Surely the team who took it away was team KEBT who started with an introduction from Kiddwaya before they enacted an actual advert. 

KEBT Naturals was represented by Erica, Tochi, Tolanibaj, Brighto and Kiddwaya and after the introduction, we saw two couples coming together, with the one couple introducing the other to KEBT Naturals and Flutterway. Tochis beard was the star of the show as this was where the story began with Tolanibaj who was acting and Brighto's wife, asking where he got the products to make his beard so full when her man (Brighto) was struggling like this. Shade. 

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Team Beautiful Stores

Beautiful Stores was represented salesman style by Trikytee while the rest of his team: Kaisha, Wathoni and Laycon stood around and let him make the pitch. Kaisha and Trickytee later spoke about their regret for doing the Task this way as they did not know they could get active.

Needless to say, Team KBET  Naturals and Team EVON won and made it into the next round, with Biggie explaining to the other teams, through HoH Ozo, that those who did not win must rather sit and watch how it's done.

Interested in opening a Flutterwave Store? Just visit their website and sign up, it's free!

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