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LOL with Lockdown Housemates —BBNaija

29 September 2020
It’s better to laugh about a problem than to cry about it. To help us all avoid the tears that started flowing when Big Brother Naija Lockdown came to a close, here are a few of the times the Housemates had us laughing out loud.

The Lockdown Housemates made tuning into Big Brother Naija a joyous affair on a daily basis. The Housemates have all packed and gone on to bigger and better things, but the times they brought a smile to our faces will live on forever. Join us for a merry jaunt through the memories that made watching Big Brother Naija a hilarious affair.

Super happiness
There is no doubt that Laycon’s win was his highlight of the season, but that isn't the only one. When the Housemates were outfitted as superheroes for the Saturday Night Party the one Laycon was given became an instant Big Brother Naija classic. The ensemble managed to grab hold of the internet’s imaginations and run away with them, and obviously, you can see why.

Dorathy has left the chat
After getting fed up with repeatedly telling Ozo to leave her in peace, the Big Brother Naija unner up gave the world a moment we will never forget. Dorathy tapped Ozo on the shoulder and said: “Dorathy has left the chat”, and in that minute exchange, she gifted us all with endless laughs.  

A lot can be said about the resilience of Trikytee after having survived so many Eviction Nominations that he started calling himself the head of the class. One thing that will always come to mind about his Big Brother experience was his catchphrase which became iconic: Tranquility. It became Trikytee’s calling card and another reason to smile whenever he was holding court.

Biggie’s return
The Housemates this year were treated to a week in the Big Brother House without Biggie. Their vacation from Biggie’s supervision led to some of the Housemates running astray of the rules and earning Strikes. His return got the House got Housemates jumping up and down and screaming so loud, that you might have mistakenly thought it was a Saturday Night Party.

Oga and Depo
Sometimes the Housemates made us guffaw without even knowing it, and usually, the culprits were Trikytee and Laycon. When Trikytee won Head of House and chose to have Laycon serve as his Deputy, it began a week of hilarity as they enjoyed being the bosses for a change.

Dorathy and Tochi        
When the Housemates celebrated their very first Wager win, the only thing more uplifting than seeing them enjoy success was the spectacular performances from Tochi and Dorathy. The pair were responsible for making the Presentation a rib-tickling affair with their hilarious portrayal of parents during the sketch. Seeing Tochi match Dorathy’s energy was quite a sight.

The Housemates found so many ways to turn a situation where they are locked in a house with strangers into an unforgettable feast of funniness. The Lockdown season may be done, but the laughs it gave us will live on forever. Dod you have a funny moment that you can think of? Go ahead and share with us.

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