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Dear BBNaija fans – BBNaija

13 July 2020
We thought of how much you mean to us, so we decided to write you a letter.

So much has changed in recent times due to Coronavirus, but even in the face of this pandemic, your love for us hasn’t diminished one bit. Each day you tweet, rave, and anticipate our return. We thank you for this show of love that only a select few like Beyonce enjoys from the Beyhive. Year in, year out, you have echoed every Season of #BBNaija beyond the continent. We still remember the Pepper Dem Season like it was yesterday and we sure did make magic together. It was a dose of back to back spiciness and we are glad to have made some of the best memories with you all.

Just the two of us

You stayed up late with us watching the Housemates get up to different shenanigans and woke up early to kick off the day them. You saw the good, the bad and ugly side of the Pepper Dem Gang. You pointed out things they did in secret, in the dark and underneath the sheets (We did see all, but we are glad you saw it too and let us know you were watching). Remember when you saw our Housemates sneaking in food from parties and we joked about it? They really thought they were slick, but we busted them. Haha! Fun times!

If you missed out on it, watch it here:

Snooping on Lovers

Then there was the romance in the House. No one spotted ships faster than you guys. You could tell who was moving to who, who was creeping with whom, who was likely to cheat and who was going to get hurt and did they get hurt over and over again. You guys also knew the lovers likely to stay up late and get a little frisky. There was no hiding anything from you... even underneath the sheets. 

Here, you stayed up thinking Frodd was going to get a little loving, but man proposes... You know the rest.

Cheering from the sidelines 

You cheered the Housemates when they battled for the position of Head of House, during the Wager Task and also the Friday Night Games. Even in defeat, you still rooted for your Housemate and you took no prisoner when other fans came for them.

Ain't no party like the Saturday Night Parties

You not only got dressed and partied with us during Saturday Night Parties, but you also showed the DJs love. 


You also stayed up for the afterparty fights and boy, did the Housemates fight. You played peacemaker, lawyer and also the judge. You knew who was at fault and who should have apologized or walked away.

Remember this popular fight that gave us one of the top phrases of the Season?

Keeping us trending and stanning your faves

On all the social media platforms, you were right there liking, sharing, retweeting and reposting. Not a day went by without us or a Housemate trending. You campaigned for your faves, you Voted and urged others to Vote and come Eviction day, you stood tall with your Housemate even when they were shown the exit. You urged them on and even till date, you are still standing right by them. You even went as far as rewarding your favourite Housemates with gifts.

As  a new Season begins

It is time for you guys to be part of the culture once again. It’s time to renew your DStv or GOtv  subscription in case you haven’t. It's time to find a new favourite Housemate, stan a new ship, cheer for a new Friday Night Games champion, make new memes, party with a new life of the party, love to hate a new controversial Housemate, make conversations online and jump on trends.

If there’s one more thing we would ask of you as this new Season begins is that you never change, Naija! Remain yourself, be funny, be petty, be savage, be mad, be happy, call us out, Vote and most importantly, don't stop watching and supporting your fave. On a final note, please remember to stay safe and embrace hygienic practices especially in the times we are in. Above everything else, we want you safe and healthy as you enjoy another Season of Big Brother Naija.

Your's Sincerely,

Big Brother.

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