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Day 7: The afterparty and the aftermath

26 July 2020
Nothing like a good time to change the whole complexion of the house.
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It is amazing how a good time can cement a relationship that had previously been shaky. This was the case last night after the first Saturday Night Party came to an end.ย 

New alliances
Erica's tour of getting to know and appreciate her fellow Housemates made a stop at Nengi's station. The pair grew close on the dance floor as their shared passion for twerking led to them finding common ground. When the party ended, the pair shunned the spirited game of spin the bottle that was going on in the kitchen, to spend time in the lounge apologising to each other for previous transgressions and confirming that from this point onwards, their relations willย be strictly respectful and cordial.ย 

The new bad boy
Who would have thought that after all that preaching and those deep intellectual thoughts pastor Brighto could become the wildest party animal in the House? His behaviour during the Saturday Party had the whole social universe in a tizz. Here's aย look at some of the moments that had us in stitches.

Other famous Big Brother fans couldn't hide their amazement at the transformation.

Are we shipping?

The other change that tookย all by surprise wereย the general differing opinions on Kiddwaya's interaction with Erica on the dancefloor. Some viewers felt it was disrespectful while others thought it was a regular part of the courting process. The jury is still out because we have not heard from the most important person involved: Erica. The couple spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen wrapped around each other before falling asleep in the same bed. Seems the 'ship is gonna sail no matter what!ย 

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