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Day 68: No fan like a BBNaija fan!

26 September 2020
The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates would never be where they are were it not for you, the fans.
Kudos to the BBNaija fan!

We have been together now for almost 10 weeks in the #BBNaija House, we have laughed and cried, gone through shock and recovered, rooted for people and wished for different outcomes together. Though people are different and may fall on different sides of the fence all too often, the one thing we know for sure is that in everything that happens in the House, there is no fan like a BBNaija Fan. 


We know who you endorse by the Hashtags you use. Over the last week, we have seen the fans come out in full force as the voting lines opened and closed. Does this stop fans from posting their favourite Housemates hashtag underneath another Housemates post? Certainly not. Your Hashtag is like your flag in the #BBNaija world and fans let that hashtag fly, proudly so. #VeeHive #Icons #Ninjas #TheNeoTribe #Exploras we see you!

Don't waste time

Approximately 0 seconds pass without the first comments showing up under any social media post that has to do with the Housemates or the House. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook stay alive 24/7 no matter what information becomes available. We know you are watching because we can see that you are interacting. There is definitely no fan like this in the world. Complete with memes, videos and commentary- round the clock!


When it comes to Voting, there cannot be another fanbase that shows receipts like BBNaija fans! Every voting period we can see the proof of someone showing that they have spent hundreds of Votes on their favourite Housemates. Shamelessly. Proudly. Willingly. And you will do it over and over again.


There is no room for mistakes in the BBNaija world. The BBNaija fan can definitely be trusted to pull out all the correct information on their favoured Housemates without hesitation. Whether its an opinion or a report, you can always trust the BBNaija fan to have a video or a screenshot to prove their point about their fave. 

We can argue about a lot of things sha, but at the end of the day, there is no fan like a BBNaija fan. 

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