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Day 67: Zoning in on the ships

24 September 2020
We examine some of the BBNaija ships in the House and how they got by.
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Love or a semblance of it was in the air this season as some of the Lockdown Housemates set sail on romantic ships. Sometimes, it was stormy and other times it was smooth sailing. Here are some of the Housemates that braved the ocean of love and served us relationship goals.

Lilo and Eric

They were the first to hop aboard the lovers’ express. They were so caught up in each other that they barely spent time with any of the other Housemates. Even though Lilo had someone on the outside, it wasn’t enough to rip her from the arms of Eric where she had found a home. Things turned gloomy for Eric after she got Evicted and he had to bond with the rest of the Housemates.

Watch the love at first sight

Neo and Vee

It was almost love at first sight with these two as they bonded immediately as they got into the House. The two were always in each other’s company serving couple goals. Neo even went all out giving Vee a surprise birthday celebration to show how much she meant to him. As pleasant as they looked in love, their ship had a toxic side to it. Their fights were often filled with insults and spiteful remarks. It was one of those fights that resulted in Vee taking a step back from what they shared. Although Vee is undecided about their future, they still seem like a lovely pair to look out for beyond the House.

Watch them seal their love in the House

Wathoni and Brighto

They were an unusual pair who didn’t come around to connecting until much later in the season. Already Wathoni had dealt with her fair share of rejection and triangles before she finally found love in the arms of an initially reluctant Brighto. She still had to contend with Dorathy who also had vested interest in Brighto, but this was not the triangle battle she planned on losing as she stuck to her guns and got the man she wanted. The ship eventually sailed but it was shortlived in the House as they soon both got Evicted. They seem to be doing well outside the House and look set to be a power couple.

Watch the pair get cosy

Tolanibaj and Prince

The ship didn’t start sailing smoothly as Prince had his eyes initially set on Nengi and it took quite a while before he finally decided to forge a relationship with Tolanibaj. She also had to contend with Wathoni who also had an interest in Prince. Their relationship was quite pleasant despite the distractions and the storm. Even though they broke up in the end, they served us couple goals during their time in the House.

Watch how it all started

Ozo and Nengi

This was the case of two captains headed in different directions. One wanted to sail to lover’s island while the other wanted to go sip Margarita on friendship island. Their difference in destinations constantly caused conflicts aboard their ship but on days when they didn’t have to deal with this, they were a pair to adore. Always in each other’s company with Ozo completely lovestruck. So lovestruck was he that he got himself a Strike for writing a love letter to Nengi. He even almost risked the third Strike heading into Head of House lounge without getting permission to. All in all, Ozo showed the world what it was like for a man to be purposeful about loving someone.

Watch Nengi talk about their relationship

We can’t help but look back at all these ships and marvel at how vocal they were about their affection towards each other and the storms they had to deal with. Here’s hoping we get to celebrate another couple walking down the aisle soon.

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