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Day 67: Cooking up a storm

24 September 2020
Thanks to Amazon Farms, the Housemates unleashed their ultimate cooking skills in Biggie’s House.
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Today’s Cook Up A Storm Task is all about the benefits of organic foods and eating healthy.

Unlike previous Tasks where the Housemates had to compete against themselves, this will be a Challenge between the Lockdown gang versus Big Brother and for this reason, Biggie told them that it will not be an easy ride, so they better come prepared.

The Task is divided into small parts to help with seamless execution and this article focuses on the first part which involves them turning into chefs in Biggie’ House.

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Get prepared and cook

For this Task, Biggie provided the necessary merchandise, study material and food baskets containing ingredients – all this is in preparation for their cooking. The rules for cooking is simple:

  • All Housemates must cook their own individual and distinct meal.
  • All meals must be traditional African meals.

Dorathy went first and prepared some yam pottage, next went Nengi with some Nigerian jollof rice and chicken. Vee came through with efo riro and eba, Neo prepared some okra soup with eba and finally, Laycon rounded up the cooking Task with a nice plate of white rice and designer buka stew.

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Variety is the spice of life

Each Housemate was given one hour to cook their meal. While a Housemate started cooking, the other Housemates were not permitted to assist or be in the kitchen. From jollof rice to efo riro and some delicious looking yam pottage, the Housemates kept us drooling all through this Challenge.

Let’s see some of the meals they made

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Stay tuned for the meal presentation and the second phase of the Task which is the speech. Do you think the Housemates will beat Biggie in this Task?

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