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Day 66: Laycon is the new HoH in charge

23 September 2020
Laycon has been unanimously appointed as the HoH by the rest of the Lockdown Geng and the streets are pleased.
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Laycon finally got the one position that had eluded him for weeks in the House. The position of the Head of House. He had only been able to secure the position of Deputy HoH to Trikytee, but this time around, he got the main spot.

Getting Nominated

After completing the WAW Task, the Housemates were immediately asked to deliberate and Nominate a Housemate to be the HoH for 24 hours. In a unanimous decision, they all chorused Laycon’s name. The duration of the position might be short, but you didn't care. You were just proud he got to rule the House.

Crush talk

Laycon and Nengi had an interesting discussion about who their crushes were. Nengi apparently has a thing for Drake, and a few Nigerian stars. She did lament about how shy she was and how she won’t know what to do if she ever came in contact with her crush. According to her, there are chances she’d go hide in the boot of her car if that encounter ever happened. Laycon on the other hand has a crush on a popular on-air personality. He kept talking about her and it wasn’t hard to see that he was smitten by her.

It didn’t take you guys long to let his crush know how Laycon felt about her.

Lucky for him, his crush eventually got to hear what he said, and she is looking forward to meeting him.

Hopefully, when they do get to meet, he will be able to tell her exactly how he feels in person.

Watch them talk about their crush here

The garden crew

Done for the day, the Housemates moved to the garden to catch up and discuss topical issues. Their conversation started off focusing on high ranking musical artists and entertainment power couples. At some point, Dorathy got bored with the conversation and asked that they switched topics. They soon settled for social media and discussed their various pages and handles. 

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It's another day and the Housemates have another shot of making a lasting memory as they countdown towards the final day.

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