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Day 66: Biggie's season 5 twists

23 September 2020
Biggie has been keeping the Housemate’s on their toes all season long. Here are a few of the moves that he made that had the Housemates shaken and viewers glued to the screen.
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Variety is the spice of life and the way Biggie has added it to the show has made Big Brother season 5 a joy to watch. Let us take a look at the turning points that Big Brother added to make the Lockdown Housemates realise that they are playing according to his rules, not theirs. 

Nomination Change

To start the season off Biggie changed the Nomination process. The change meant that all the Housemates stood for possible Eviction, and the audience Votes were tallied to decide on a bottom four. Once the four were announced, the Housemates would Vote During the Live Show and choose who amongst the bottom four would go home.

Biggie’s Holiday

Biggie decided to take time off to pull himself closer to himself. The Housemates used this time to get further away from themselves and suffered the consequences of their decisions. There were many Strikes handed out upon Biggie’s return which led to a change in behaviour for some Housemates.


Eviction process change

The beautiful thing about change is that it is the only constant in life. When Big Brother decided to change the Nomination process back to the previous method, this sent ripples of change through the House again. The Nominations that followed changed the House as the comradery that the Housemates had been enjoying became tested.

Team Nominations

To keep the Housemates guessing Biggie decided to make the final Nomination process extra special and divide the Housemates into teams. Team Black and Team White had the difficult task of choosing the final four Housemates to stand for possible Eviction and when it was all said and done Ozo, Dorathy, Trikytee, and Laycon were in the firing line.


Biggie has definately found  ways to make sure the Housemates and the viewers get treated to the most delicious ingredients in his House: drama and change. What did you think of all these twists and how they impacted the show dynamics?

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