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Day 66: A message for peace

23 September 2020
Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates participate in a Task for peace with Lipton Ice Tea.
A message for peace

The Big Brother Naija Housemates participated in a Lipton Task today that amplified peace and allow them to apply their minds to pen a message to move the nation. 

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The Housemates got ready for the presentation, looking lovely for the show. In the arena, they were welcomed by a glamorous set up where they sat in a stately manner to listen to each other. 

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Nengi paid homage to Nigerians who woke up and grind and hustle daily, in order to make ends meet with a smile on their faces. She related that peace was not just a word, but a lifestyle that started as individuals.

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Neo presented his message of peace through urging people to live with love in their hearts, with unity and therefore peace. Neo continued that people the world over are one in body and spirit despite culture, race and beliefs. 

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Dorathy realyed how Nigerians were survivors, winners and go-getters who lived together in peace and harmony in one nation. Dorathy declared that she was living testimony to how Nigerians continue to live and thrive through hardship, encouraging all who heard her, to live in peace. 

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Laycon stated that though no Nigerians were born the same, we are all one and the same. He stated that all Nigerians sing the national anthem with pride, ending with 'so help me God' and peace was therefore what we should aim to achieve. 

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Vee stated that no matter what people do or say, she believed that peace existed. There is no place like home, was her message, saying that she wanted to see a life of peace happen in her lifetime, and was willing to walk the journey with love as a guide. 

After the speeches, we were treated to a dance from the Housemates. 

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What are the results?

Biggie called the Housemates into the lounge and announced that he was very happy with their performances and proceeded to tell the Housemates that they were all to become influencers for Lipton Ice Tea, but that's not all. Each housemate walked away with N1,000,000!

What a night as we continue our countdown for the top position!

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