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Day 64: When no one is watching

21 September 2020
What is done in the dark always comes to light, and the Big Brother Housemates shared what they do when nobody's looking. Take our quiz and see if you can match the Housemate to their preferred solo activity.
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It doesn't matter if it’s pushups or pushing too much food down your throat, whatever you do has a result on you, and even more so what you do in private. The Big Brother Naija Top Five Housemates shared with us what they love to do when prying eyes are no longer on them. Take a moment and see if you can guess which Top Five Housemate enjoys doing what when there no curious eyes watching them.


  1. Dorathy                                  A. Admire myself from head to toe.
  2. Laycon                                   B. Do a random dance move or twerk.
  3. Nengi                                     C. Nothing. I like doing things in front of an audience.
  4. Neo                                        D.  Stare in the mirror and jiggle God's good work.        
  5. Vee                                         E. Play dress up in front of the mirror

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1 D: If you don’t love you, then nobody will. Dorathy loves herself so much that she even shakes her trademark assets in the mirror when she is on her own.

2 C: When gifted with some solo time Laycon doesn’t use it. His focus is always on his audience and the things he can do for them.

3 E: Nengi prefers to use her alone time to play dress up in front of the mirror. 

4 A: Neo is happy spending his private time admiring himself in the mirror from head to toe. His reasoning is that no matter what, he always has himself

5C: Vee loves to get moving whenever she has a moment to herself. Are you surprised that a singer would choose to dance during their free time?


The Housemates all have different ways of enjoying themselves when they have the pleasure of their own company. If you happen to engage in the same habits when you are solo, remember that there’s a Housemate who enjoys doing the same thing as you.

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