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Day 62: Jacuzzi jolly and vibes

19 September 2020
It was all fun and cruise after the Betway Task presentation with the Lockdown Housemates.
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After a MAD presentation, Biggie gave the House access to the Garden fridge and also had the jacuzzi ready in time for the night’s jollification. We all know that asides food, these Housemates get excited whenever they hear that the fridge is open, and they even get more excited when it is accompanies with some lit Naija jams. It was one of those nights as the Housemates screamed for joy and hurriedly grabbed a bottle of from the Guinness fridge.

First, let’s see what Twitter had to say about their Betway Task presentation. We asked you which team entertained and educated you the most and here are some of the responses we got.

Now, back to the jacuzzi and fun…

While the Housemates were gathered in the Garden in anticipation of a lit night, Nengi and Ozo had some pending issues to resolve first. Nengi claimed Ozo was snubbing her, while Ozo maintained that she was the one giving him cold shoulders. After what seemed like a long settlement, they resolved their couple-related issue and ended up sharing a bowl of meal together in the HoH Lounge before they joined the others.

Meanwhile, shippers are still shipping. Do you also think they are cute together?

Who else agrees that Nengi and Laycon have a dance chemistry that needs to be studied? They need to give us a lit music video asap!

Speaking of couple vibes, Neo and Vee are a regular pair on this table and tonight was no different as Neo kept leaving the jacuzzi to go steal some kisses from bae. A funny incident happened after their kissing session as Laycon brought to Neo’s attention what seemed to be a boner.

We got some reactions to this event as well

As the Season comes to an end, the Housemates are still finding a way to entertain themselves in the House. Meanwhile, who do you think is leaving the game tomorrow?

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