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Day 6: Party like there is no tomorrow

26 July 2020
The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates didn't hold back when it came to their first fun group activity together: the Saturday Night Party!
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All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, and the Big Brother Naija Housemates showed they were anything but dull. During their first group drinking and dancing session, the Housemates showed that Lockdowns and turn up can go hand in hand.

The Warm-Up
The thing about parties is that good preparations lead to a great time, and the Housemates showcased that they knew this concept well. Getting ready was vastly different between the ladies and gentlemen, but served the same purpose; to prepare them for the fun ahead. The ladies spared no effort in making sure their make up was smoother than a calm lake, while the guys just baffed up and dressed up. As the ladies began to reveal the results of their hours of preparations the was no denying that their collective beauty reflected time well spent.

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The Turn-Up
As soon the gang raised their glassed to salute Gold sponsor: Guinness, and the first jams started to play, you could tell that the Housemates had been anxiously awaiting this moment. Due to unhinged spirits, we got to experience a different side to some of the Housemates we thought we knew. A usually reserved Kiddway even attempted unsuccessfully to make a play for Erica. To say he failed spectacularly would be an understatement. Kiddwaya's affections were sought after by Tolanibanj who kissed him as they danced slowly, but this only scared him away for the rest of the night.

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There was a meeting of like minds on the dance floor as Nengi and Erica both grew to appreciate each other because of their mutual twerking talent. This led to a conversation after the party that completely changed the dynamic of their previous understanding and cemented a new concrete bond between the lovely ladies.

As the evening continued there were two surprises that nobody could have been prepared for. The first had to be the sheer madness of the moves Neo considers to be dancing. From ground thrusts to side twerks, Neo's rhythmic gyrations are anything but conventional, and utterly unforgettable.


The second had to be the change that Brighto showed on the dance floor. Known for being a reserved man of God, both viewers and Housemates alike were shocked when he removed his shirt and began dancing like the spirit that was moving him wasn't a holy one. Brighto seemed to be enjoying himself with Dorathy, but then stopped abruptly, and wore his again as quickly as he took it off. Hopefully, this isn't the last we see of Brighto's dark side, because it looks like he's a fun one when the non-church based spirit starts flowing through him.

The Afterparty
When Biggie announced that OmahLay and Sarz were done on the decks the Housemates still had energy for trouble left in them and this led to a game of spin the bottle as suggested by Kiddwaya. The game suggested that Wathoni should make out with Trikytee, which she flatly refused, only to be guided towards a smooch with Kiddwaya. The only other drama during this game of chance came when Vee left and stated that no matter what happens during the game, Neo will end up in her bed.

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After being at loggerheads, it seems that Erica and Nengi have buried the hatchet. The pair used the quiet time after the party to affirm their mutual respect and assure one another that there is no jealousy or malice between them. Nice to see them this close and hopefully this alliance isn't just a passing one.

The first official Saturday Night Party has taken place and the Housemates enjoyed it nearly as much as we did. Let's hope that next week, Biggie doesn't stop it just as it's getting interesting!

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