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Day 55: The Lockdown party rockers

12 September 2020
Which party rocker are you?
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When singing the ‘party rockers’ anthem, it would be unfair to leave out the consistent party moments we always look forward to in the Lockdown House. Be sure to read through and let us know which of these Housemates reflect your party style. P.S. We’re sorry if this triggered you in some way, considering that… well, you’re locked down. We bet you’ve been partying in your rooms with the Lockdown gang, right? We see you!

The fashion killers

One thing that always gives us ginger apart from the DJ’s mad party mix is always the outfits we’re rocking the dance floor with. Who agrees with us on this? From the make up to the shoes and peng outfits, you always have to come correct for parties abeg. We can all agree that one thing we usually look forward to is the Housemates’ outfit collections at the Saturday Night Parties. Tonight’s Ciroc fashion themed part had the Lockdown ladies dressed by NinetoNine clothings and the men looking like bop daddies in their outfits from Dumebi clothings.

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Always ready to gbe body gang

If you’re looking for the latest dance steps in town, just look out for these party rockers on the dance floor and follow their moves. If you’re lucky, you’ll see them invent new steps for you right there and if you’re going to be partying with them, be ready to shoki, gbe body e and do the azonto at the same time. Shout out to Prince and Neo on this table.

1599951956 34 screenshot 2020 09 12 at 23.23.45  1

More than a pretty face

They step into the party room looking all fine in their dazzling outfits and you think they’re only there to sit pretty and take some pictures… until their song comes on and then party go scatter. If the DJ comes correct like DJ Xclusive did tonight, then be sure to catch them taking off their shoes when the gbedu enters their body. Always a great group to turn up with.

1599951764 34 screenshot 2020 09 12 at 23.08.36  1

Bartenders and ginger lords

Man like Kiddwaya! Always willing to get the Housemates in the right mood for a lit party. They voluntarily offer themselves as bartenders and will unleash their mixology skills to ensure you have a great time. If you’re not in this category, get you a friend like this.

1599952057 34 screenshot 2020 09 12 at 23.08.26  1

Scatter the place!

These ones are always hyped. No matter the gbedu that is playing and even with the absence of alcohol, they are always ready to scatter everywhere. They are the vibes that you need at every party and without them, your party go dull. Laycon, we see you!

1599952135 34 screenshot 2020 09 12 at 23.41.53  1

Which one are you? Own it with your full chest!

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