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Day 55: Pre-party mood

12 September 2020
Here’s what the top nine Housemates got up to before tonight’s Saturday Night Party.
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It’s Saturday!! You know what that means? Another Saturday, another party night with the Lockdown gang. While we await the crazy dance steps from Kiddwaya or the anticipated grinds from Nengi and Laycon or some lit leg work from Prince and Neo, let’s have a sneak peek into what the Housemates got up to before gracing the Saturday Night Party dancefloor.

 First, we eat!

Kiddwaya wore his chef hat and whipped up a great seafood pasta meal for the Housemates. What we found cute was the fact that he called the other members Lockdown geng to grab a fork and join him at the dining table to eat. “I like it when we eat together,” he said as he carried the saucepan to the table. Now, that made us drool. Well done, chef K!

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Game time!

The Lockdown Housemates know how to create fun for themselves, anytime, any day and thanks to the board games in the House, tonight was no different. As they awaited the announcement of the storeroom being open for their party clothes, some of the Housemates entertained themselves with Ludo and ping pong games.

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Let’s glam up

The excitement of being present to witness another Saturday Night Party in the Lockdown House, got some Housemates preparing early for the lit night to come. From make up to hair, you already know that it’s going to be a glammed up lituation on the dance floor.

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A WAW win

Biggie sent in the Task results tonight, which left all the Housemates with wide smiles. Team WAW Protects earned a total of 50 points while Team WAW Preserves gathered a total of 40 points. Congratulations, Ozo, Kiddwaya, Laycon and Prince. Their team earned a reward of one million Naira for the team to split amongst themselves. Finally, as a kind gesture for the efforts they all put in today’s Tasks, all Housemates will get one-year supply of Henkel products, courtesy of WAW.

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Are you ready for another party with the Lockdown gang? We are!

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