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Day 51: Find your beautiful

08 September 2020
The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemeates found their beautiful in the Darling hair Task today!
Find your beautiful

Black is beautiful is the aim of the Game in today's Darling 'Find your beautiful' hair Task. Divided into three teams, the male Housemates helped the females to style their hair for two hours, before they partook in a photoshoot to complete the first part of the Task.


The teams as chosen by the Housemates through picking names from boxes were as follows:

Team Braids: TrickyteeNengi and Prince

Team Crochet: DorathyNeo and Laycon 

Team Empress: Vee  Ozo and Kiddwaya

Styling on Fleek!

The Housemates stepped into the salon and got straight to work. We have to say the guys did a fine job as they prepared for the photoshoot showdown. Afro wigs were supplied for the guys to find their own beautiful as they partook in the photoshoot. 

Did they knock the lights out?

The Housemates gave their all. Not just from a modelling capacity but also from an art directors role. 

Nengi brought her fierce face through her photoshoot carefully directed by Prince and aided by Trikytee, the two displayed exemplary guidance to make the stunner show her glory. 

Dorathy brought her sexy, her every move carefully curated by Neo, with Laycon at her beck and call for anything that she needed. Teamwork was the name of the Game as they went through the motions of taking the best images.

Vee brought a face full of attitude for the brief, hyped up and encouraged by Kiddwaya behind the camera and Ozo who was on hand to join her as a prop. The team brought full teamwork to the fore as they completed their task. 

All the teams have been very creative and we wait to see who will be the final winner!

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