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Day 51: A Darling runway show

08 September 2020
Tonight’s Task featured creativity, style and spoken words on the Darling world-class hair runway show.
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After their hair and photography session in today’s Task, the Lockdown Housemates were given the second Challenge, the Darling Find Your Beautiful Hair Show. For this Task, all teams had to creatively style their themed hairstyle for a world-class hair runway show. In addition, each team had to showcase how they have found their beautiful with Darling Hair through spoken words/poetry.

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The journey to finding their beautiful

Like the first Challenge, three boxes containing mood board, hair products and hair accessories were made available for the Housemates. The team names had been clearly written on each box for easy identification. The special costumes for runway showcase were packaged in customized Darling branded boxes as well. The male Housemates were again to assist their female team member in styling the premade ponytails in each box. Each team were required to uniquely style their hair for the runway show in the Arena.  

For the hair styling session in the Darling studio salon, all Housemates were to wear the provided Darling capes.

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The world-class hair runway show

For this activity, the House selected Prince to serve as the anchor. His job was to moderate the runway showcase by introducing the three different teams in an order. Once each team was called, they were to immediately strut the catwalk and present their spoken word.

First, Team Braids

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Then, Team Crochet

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Team Empress closes the presentation

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A win for Team Braids

The criteria set for them for both Tasks were teamwork, creativity and the perfect depiction of an unstoppable woman. In the first round, Teams Braids and Empress both scored 30 points each, while Team Crochet scored 26 points. For the Darling Runway Hair Show which formed their second Task for the day, Team Braids scored 28 points; Team Crochet 30 points while Team Empress scored 25 points. The total accrued points by each team across the two tasks are as follow: Team Braids, 58 points, while Teams Crochet and Empress gathered 56 and 55 points respectively.

Congratulations Team Braids for winning the Darling Find Your Beautiful Task. As a reward, the team will receive the cash prize of three million Naira.

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