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Day 5 : 'My boyfriends were allowed,' Vee

24 July 2020
The discussion got to first times and the Big Brother Housemates didn't hold back!
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When it comes to sharing experiences, it seems the Big Brother Lockdown Housemates aren't scared of giving us all TMI regularly. This time around the discussion got to their "First Times" and the variety of responses showed us how truly different the Housemates upbringings were. Here's a round-up of who said what.

Our dancer let it be freely known that when his mother found out he was no longer innocent it broke her heart, even though he was over the age of 21 when it happened. Praise recounted how while growing up in an Igbo family he would regularly bring girls to sleep over but was forced to sleep in a separate room. When it came to creep between the rooms, he was caught out by his father who didn't mince his words and told him: "You can't hide anything from God and you can't hide anything from an Igbo man! I know both of you are having it!" Praise shared that he had never been more embarrassed in his whole life! How would you feel after that?

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Prince and Tochi agreed on the notion that it was improper to bring a partner to a family home and it should be considered a huge sign of disrespect. They agreed that the only time it was proper to do so is when you intend on marrying them. On the other side of the spectrum was Vee.

In terms of doing thing differently, the perfect example has to be Vee. She let it be known that while growing up overseas her parents encouraged her to bring her boyfriends to the house. The reasoning behind it was Vee's parents preferred to know what she is doing and keep an eye on it. This is a very progressive stance and could explain why she isn't scared to shoot her shot with Neo.

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The social streets had their own opinions on this interesting topic and here are a few of the sentiments that best rounded up the chat. 

Who knows what the Lockdown Housemates will get to discussing next, but at least we know they won't hold back and will give us more juice than ripe fruits.    

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