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Day 49: Is this it for Vee and Neo?

06 September 2020
An intense fight had both Neo and Vee yelling it was over. Could this be it this time?
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Although it has become frequent for Neo and Vee to fight after every Saturday Night Party, the fight this time took an ugly turn with Vee insisting the relationship was over and in a bid to talk it out, Neo attempted holding Vee hostage until Lucy intervened.

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The first break up

The fight which started over food saw Neo storming off in annoyance leaving Vee all by herself at the dining table. An upset Vee walked in after him wondering why he was being immature about the whole thing. “What is your bloody problem, do you not understand I might be going tomorrow? Put your feelings aside for one second and behave like an adult,” she yelled. To which Neo responded that he was done while hurling curse words.

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Now Vee is breaking up

When Neo eventually got over his anger, he tried to plead with Vee, but she wasn’t having it saying some things cannot be taken back and warned him to stay away from her. Obviously not fazed by his pleas, she told him she didn’t care about their relationship anymore and since Neo had already said they were done, she was now confirming that it was over. In his last attempt to broker peace, Neo stood by the door trying to keep her from leaving which even upset her the more. Upset and frustrated, Vee kept screaming to be let out until Lucy urged Neo to step away from the door to avoid a Strike.

Watch the video here

Later this morning

While discussing with Dorathy and Ozo, Neo admitted that last night might have been one of his worst night in the House. He talked about some of the hurtful things Vee also said and said it would have been a lot worse if he had matched her energy.

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After watching Neo and Vee fight every week, we won't be so certain to say this is it, cause just when you think it is, they find their way back to each other over again. From the looks of things, they might have found their back to each other already as they both played a game of ping pong together.

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