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Day 49: Housemates as senior school prefects

06 September 2020
If Big Brother Naija's House was a school, what posts would each member of the Lockdown Geng hold and why?
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Sometimes the House feels like High School and we wondered what if it really was and the Housemates were appointed prefects. Well, we came up with positions we thought they'd fit quite well in and why.

Head Boy - Ozo
He looks and carries himself like the typical head boy, plus he has an amazing track record fit for the position. Leading the Housemates to victory in two Wager Tasks and loved by the rest of the House. This is like the Head Boy that leads the school team to victory at debates and math competitions, plus all the students love him. He can’t take two steps without students saying “good morning/afternoon Senior Ozo.”

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Head Girl - Nengi
Not only is she charming and regal like most Head girls, but she also oozes the confidence of a young lady who knows how to take charge and get others to fall in line. Senior Nengi is the head girl who can be playful and also draw the line.

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Assistant Head Girl - Dorathy 
She was an excellent Deputy to Ozo when he was Head of House. She'd make an excellent assistant Head Girl too. She will laugh you a lot but if you do something wrong and Senior Dorathy wants you, no one can do nothing for you. She will find you and punish you. You’ll end up wondering if this was the same prefect laughing with you earlier.

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Games Prefect - Prince
Playful prefect but on some days when worked up he loses it and you don’t want to be the junior that falls in his trap. Away from his strict nature, he is spectacular when it comes to games. If you have followed Prince journey in the House, you’ll know he is always blazing at the Betway Arena Games. He is either winning or coming really close. If Prince was the Games prefect in your school, he’d definitely be shining during inter-house sports. 

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Labour Prefect - Neo
You can’t deny Neo has that no-nonsense Labour prefect demeanour. You can see it the moment he takes up the oracle character. A character that doesn’t tolerate any sort of misbehaviour from the Housemates while he is in charge. If you were in secondary school and you heard senior Neo was coming and you were just faffing around, just know you are done for. If you were walking casually past lights out and you hear “those boys”, you don’t have to think twice, you are certain, it’s senior Neo and don’t bother running, he will catch you. 

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Sanitation Prefect - Lucy
If you watched Lucy enforce discipline during her reign as Head of House especially when it came to keeping the House clean, then you will agree with us that there’s no one else best suited for this role. Senior Lucy will spare no one when it comes to ensuring cleanliness in the school. Don’t even play with her. She’s not the senior to mess with. Just ask Tochi what he went through that one morning when he refused to clean the kitchen the way Lucy wanted. 

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Social Prefect - Kiddwaya

You can always catch Kiddwaya mixing drinks at the Saturday Night Party and urging everyone to have a good time. Who else can you trust with the post of social prefect. He is the prefect that punishes the least and is always out for a good time. If there was a party or a group of students wanted to chill and have fun, all they had to do was talk to senior Kiddwaya. Although he might break some rules to get the groove going, it is always worth it. Social nights are his favourite nights and if you had a senior like Kiddwaya back in school, it would be your favourite night too.

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Assistant Social Prefect - Erica

Senior Erica is the coolest and hippest prefect in school. Most of the teachers like her and all the junior girls want to be like her. A few of the other girls in SS3 don’t like her though, but all they can do is hate from the corner. She really doesn’t care, plus she’s dating the coolest prefect in school.

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Assembly Prefect - Trikytee 

When it comes to assembling the Housemates for their Wager Tasks and getting everyone to fall in line, Trikytee is your go-to guy. Woe betide you though if you don't make it to the Assembly Ground on time though. You will see the other side of senior Trikytee.

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Punctuality Prefect - VEE

You don't ever want senior Vee to be at the gate the day you come in late. Just stroll past your school get and keep walking. Come back tomorrow or whenever she isn't on duty. If you are brave enough to enter, get ready for a tongue lashing, cause senior Vee isn't the one to back down. She will tell you as she feels.

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House Prefect - Laycon

If you went to a boarding school, then you know the importance of House prefects and Laycon fits that role. Senior Laycon is that prefect students find comfortable talking to and seeking advice from. He is the bridge between prefects/seniors and junior students. If you had to talk to a senior, your best bet of accessing that senior is going through senior Laycon. That way you don't get yourself in trouble and get picked on by the other seniors in the company of the senior you want to see.

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There you have it! Which prefect are you going to end up getting close with or getting into a lot of trouble with?

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