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Day 48: Choose your Lockdown eye candy

05 September 2020
There is no shortage of sexy men in the Lockdown House, but which one would actually suit you best? Take this quiz to find out.
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Many have talked about some of the fine men in the House and many others have done nothing but drool over them. However, each of these male Housemates have given us their different sides and shades that make them … three words: an eye candy. Which one of them could be your spec and potential boyfriend? Take our quiz to find out.

  • What do you like to do after a long day? 
  1. Eat 
  2. Go out with friends 
  3. Call your friends to gist with them 
  4. Sleep 
  5. Watch Netflix and cuddle with bae 
  6. Have a drink 
  • Where would you like your boyfriend to take you this weekend?  
  1. A concert 
  2. Movie and chill 
  3. Partayy 
  4. A stage play 
  5. Romantic dinner 
  6. Two nights in London 
  • Which of the following could be a deal breaker for you?
  1. A guy that can’t cook 
  2. A guy with no sensitive side 
  3. A loud guy 
  4. A guy with no sense of humor 
  5. A guy that is extremely emotional 
  6. A guy that doesn’t show that he understands you 
  • Which physical feature do you notice first in a guy?
  1. Teeth 
  2. Height 
  3. Abs
  4. Smile 
  5. Eyes 
  6. Beards 
  • It’s the first time he’ll be cooking for you. Which meal will stand out for you?
  1. Grilled meat 
  2. Rice 
  3. Semo 
  4. Anything that involves a cold cup of beverage 
  5. Noodles 
  6. Cocopops 
  • What’s your type?
  1. Bookworm 
  2. A guy that is hands-on 
  3. Loud and expressive 
  4. A friend to everyone 
  5. Soft and nice guy 
  6. Romantic 
  • You can’t have a Lockdown boyfriend without daydreaming about your future wedding! What would yours be like?
  1. Music everywhere please! 
  2. A full vibe! 
  3. A big, impressive one 
  4. Nothing but laughter and vibes 
  5. Sweet, sensitive and romantic 
  6. Destination wedding 
  • Choose your man’s friends
  1. Artistic, music lovers 
  2. Cool and sweet 
  3. Just friendly friends will do 
  4. Hilarious 
  5. Soft and reserved 
  6. Flashy cool kids 


Mostly A's: Laycon

You go for the nice guy next door type (preferably with some long hair and musical talents). You need a dedicated, artistic boyfriend that will put you first in his life. Even while he's singing across the world, Laycon will make sure he is your number one fan and priority; he's an all-round keeper.

Mostly B's: Prince

A guy that can fix things in the home and on his girl, will help you both save cost on so many things. Prince is not only a tall spec, his calm nature and ability to switch things up will give you a spontaneous dating experience. His sense of humor is also going to be needed when adulthood starts to deal with you.

Mostly C's: Neo

He might be overly expressive, but a man that isn't afraid to show the world that he loves his woman is defintely worth fighting for. Neo won't only give you a thrilling dating experience, he will spoil you while at it.

Mostly D's: Trikytee

Fun, funny, friendly - the three F's that define Trikytee are the ingredients needed to a perfect relationship with him. He might not be available every time due to his busy work schedule, but making it up to you in a greater way will definitely make his absence worth it.

Mostly E's: Ozo

Ozo is that calm, sweet touch you need as a boyfriend in these chaotic times we live in. If you're the type that has quality time and acts of service as your love language, be ready for a swell ride with your man!

Mostly F's: Kiddwaya

He puts his plans and promises into action, without making money a limitation to it. He can charm you with his smile and make you his one less lonely girl. Just a minute with Kiddwaya and he already has you daydreaming about a family together.

Voila! Time to live happily ever after with your man!

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