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Day 47: Here, but not here

04 September 2020
The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates seem scattered this morning, with only half of them participating in the workouts, and the other half thinking about life outside the House.
Here but not here

Mornings in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House seem to be hit or miss these days with some sleeping, some working out, a few dancing and still some talking. Today's workout showed us that though the Housemates are here, their thoughts are elsewhere. 

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Kiddwaya's corner

Kiddwaya has maintained his corner in the Arena for almost the whole season! The space that Brighto left in the pair's usual spot was taken up by Erica today, as the two spent their workout session together. They chatting casually about taking care of babies and household dynamics of working fathers and mothers. Kiddwaya told Erica that he wished he had gone to school in Nigeria until SS1 or SS2 and that was his plan for his kids. H occasionally did his pushup's but was having trouble with his wrist, which meant he couldn't go as hard as usual.

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The withdrawn ones

Today Lucy deprived us of her laughter and dancing spirit, for reasons yet unknown. However, after the night she had, it could have been attributed to that. Vee took up her blanket and pillow and proceeded to go straight to sleep without even attempting a workout. Dorathy lay on the bench most of the morning with a sullen look on her face until she transferred to the floor to lie on a workout mat with her head covered. Lucy did not interact with anyone the whole morning until Vee woke up from sleep and the two chatted. 

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The fitness gurus

In the House we always know the ones who work out regularly. Today Neo and Ozo trained together at a casual pace, keeping their heart rates up and working their legs, upper bodies and cores. Prince and Trickytee started out on their own, joining forces later to get some upper body work in. Interestingly this morning Laycon got in on the leg action with Kiddwaya (after the trouble with his wrist). The two made jokes with each other as they went around the Arena.

Towards the end of the session, Nengi asked Laycon and Kiddway how many followers they had on Instagram. Kiddwaya said about 2,500, Laycon said about 3,800 and Nengi had about 11,000- if only they knew what they were sitting on now. 

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