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Day 46: The show isn't over

03 September 2020
While the Big Brother Naija Housemates settle into the evening with more conversations, games and plans.
The show isn't over

After the high of receiving motivational words from their friends and family, the Housemates took their rest in different ways around the House. Cooking, changing, talking and playing more games. The night was chilled but one thing was certain, the spirit of games and conversation was not over. 

More of the spelling bee

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One thing about the Housemates is that they like to do well in their challenges. Even though they did not get full marks for the spelling bee earlier in the day, this did not deter them from going at it again and trying to spell more words in the evening. While they relaxed in the garden, Lucy read out the words while the rest of the Geng took their turns spelling them out. This session was more joyful than the afternoon edition, however, as they laughed at each other when they got words wrong while correcting each other as well. 

A House of cups

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Lucy is always up for a game, and after the evening spelling bee was done and she had freshened up, she played a game with Neo. Using the cups from the Saturday Night Party they built a tower on the dining room table. She looked so excited with every cup the Neo skillfully put on top of the other, squealing with delight when the first one fell and laughing with pride when the second one stood tall. Lucy was so excited she went to get more cups so they could do it again, this time, they were joined by Ozo. 

Are there aliens?

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The Housemates took the conversation out of the garden (and the galaxy)  with assumptions about the world. Firstly, it was difficult to agree on whether there is life outside our current solar system. Prince, Vee and Trickytee seemed to agree that there are extraterrestrials, while Laycon was sceptical about their existence. Those on the side of extraterrestrial life decided that the reason aliens were portrayed in a certain way on tv was that all the conspiracy theorists agreed that aliens did not look like humans. 

Geography and other world issues

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The Housemates are quite clued-up on general matters in the world and from time to time we are privy to these conversations. Prince explained his views and understanding of how earthquakes and hurricanes happen. Bringing his knowledge of geography to the fore, he dominated the conversation explaining to the Housemates how tectonic plates work, but he did not stop there. He continued the conversation into radioactivity and mutation. Here are some of your views on Prince's knowledge:

As Vee summed it up for the Housemate, every generation was looking for ways to make themselves more comfortable than the last generation, and it came at a cost. Do you agree?

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