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Day 45: Significant Lockdown spots

02 September 2020
This fun article takes you through a tour of the House and some spots that have been important in the Lockdown journey.
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It is not surprising that Biggie’s beautiful House has become the heart for many interesting and significant memories this Season. For the Housemates, some of the spots in this House have served different purposes; from drama centers to gossip hubs and of course, intimate midpoints for some of the Housemates, this House has sure witnessed it all, and so have you. Before we begin, take a tour of the House here.

Dining Room a.k.a drama center

Ideally, the dining area serves as one of the important rooms in any home and in the Lockdown House, Biggie’s Dining Room it is no different. Here, the Lockdown Housemates usually go through a briefing and debriefing session from the Head of House, conflicts are often brewed and sometimes, if we’re lucky, we get to witness a conflict resolution in this spot as well. Oh, how could we forget the first truth or dare sessions in the House, where we witnessed some revealing truths about who liked who and who didn’t reciprocate this likeness. Now, apart from fighting and shipping, one thing these Housemates do not fail to do is eat. Don’t get us wrong, living things are expected to eat in order to survive, but you see, with these Housemates, eating at three o’clock in the morning is a norm and this Dining Room has witnessed all types of foods. The good, bad, ugly, and of course, our favourite Indomie sharing times with the Housemates from a big pot have not gone unnoticed. Now, let’s try to remember some memorable times we’ve had in this significant spot – remember when Ka3na and Tolanibaj had a fight over food (duh, that’s all these Housemates fight about) and Tolanibaj gave her highly talked about speech and then walked out on Ka3na? Oh, how could we forget the squabble between Erica and Wathoni over Kiddwaya which started from the closet and became more heated in the Dining Room.

Speaking of food and fights, apart from the Biggie’s Kitchen witnessing Brighto’s midnight cooking escapades, this spot has also seen plenty fights and drama this Season too.

What’s with these food spots and fights anyway?

Storeroom a.k.a. goodies room

That moment when Biggie announces, “The storeroom is now open” is usually accompanied by screams and excited voices. This room has served a multipurpose function but one thing we know for sure is that when the Housemates are not placing their trash in the room to the disposed, or taking in their luggage in preparation for Eviction to come, the storeroom is usually an entry of everything fancy, sleek and tasty. When Biggie sends in food and treats for the House, it usually is put in this spot for them; when our amazing sponsors send in their beautiful merchandise for the Housemates, it’s usually picked up from this room. How about their themed costumes for their lit Saturday Night Parties? The storeroom is usually there to hold in all the fun and exciting goodies, treats and gifts for the Lockdown Housemates.

Arena or should we say physical wellness and games center

This spot in the Lockdown House has been used for many functions and when the Housemates aren’t dragging their feet into the Arena for workout and sleep sessions, they are getting their game on with Betway and partaking in Challenges. From sponsor-related Tasks to the Head of House battle, the Thursday Night Wager presentations and Friday Arena Games, this spot has sure been a major source of physical wellness in the Lockdown House.

Garden a.k.a. amebo spot and naughty corner

If they’re not playing the Betway Sports Trivia, they are gossiping on the hammock in the Garden. Or sometimes, just putting their shades on and taking in the only source of ‘outside world’ they can relate to – soaking in the sun. Other times, the Lockdown geng spend their better time of their day gisting and bonding over games in this spot. Especially when it comes to their game of Charades and truth or dare game sessions.

Lounge a.k.a everything area

As they entered through the Lockdown doors, this spot has been an important part of their lives in this game. It has been the hub for couples to cuddle and gossip, it has served as a Task preparation center for the Housemates, and they have in fact many times fought in the Lounge. However, one dreadful and very important event that takes place is the Sunday Night Eviction and the moment they get to bid one another farewell. Oh, wait! Did we mention the fact that this spot was where we witnessed the first Nomination list announcement? Of course, it’s also the spot where Biggie has also revealed another nerve-racking Deputy Head of House selection to the Housemates and also gathered the Housemates to dish out their punishment or Strikes.

Partaayy room

It would be a crime if we ended this article without mentioning the room where everything lit takes place. Apart from the dance steps, shirtless moments from some Housemates and intimate moments from the couples, the Saturday Night Party room has also featured some reconciliation from the Housemates. Lest we forget, there are some other revealing moments we’ve seen in this spot; who remembers the shock we got when Neo and Kaisha started giving us some romantic vibes on the dancefloor and that Praise and Lucy intimate dance? No matter how cold the Guinness drinks are in the party room fridge, the lowkey tea from the Housemates is usually piping hot in this room.

Which significant spot is missing from our list?

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