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Day 45: A spinoff feature

02 September 2020
While waiting for the Oppo Task to continue, the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates relaxed and slept. During this downtime, Neo, Kiddwaya and Trikytee discussed what they would do to Biggies House to make it more their vibe.
A spinoff feature

As the Housemates awaited the second part of the Oppo Task this evening, some slept, others made food, while others still found time to talk as they relaxed. Kiddwaya, Trickytee and Neo discussed what the House could be with a few new elements and how they think people would react to them, here is what they thought. 

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The boredom kicks in

Kiddwaya and Trikytee discussed how they needed to rehearse for the Wager, there were no real lines for this one so they weren't too tensed about it. When Neo joined them he exclaimed how he missed Play Station and how his console had probably switched off by now. He wondered how amazing the House would be with a gaming console in the midst.

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What could make the House exciting?

How much more exciting the House could be if there was an iPod in the House with all the latest Nigerian music loaded onto it? All Kiddwya wanted was a gaming console, music and alcohol and that would make the House lit. Trikytee thought that it would reduce the viewership, as no one would want to watch a show where guys were playing games all day. Never-the-less, they agreed that it would add a dynamic to the whole House. With alcohol, any dynamic would make content. The guys swiftly moved on to teasing Kiddwaya about how he has been humbled by the strikes

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What about All Stars?

On to the next topic, a Big Brother Nigeria AllStar House? The conversation had already found its way to this question when Kiddwaya let it slip that Uti was advising him during his medicals, only fueling the conversation further. Which made us wonder, who would you want to see in the All Star House. Some of you took the time to list out a few of your faves over the years to give us these lists: 

With a few weeks left to go in the House, it is just a matter of time before we reach our top five! We cannot wait to see what dynamics, conversations and Tasks lie ahead. 

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