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Day 44: Nomination reactions

01 September 2020
Following their first Nominations in the Diary Room last night, the Lockdown Housemates experienced their first Nomination aftermath.
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Who would have thought that the first Nominations in the Lockdown House would bring in a bit of drama and some calmness all at the same time? Even though the outcome left most of them shocked and quiet for the first few minutes, some of the Lockdown Housemates took the news differently from the others. While some took a while to process it in the comfort of their beds, others talked about it and expressed their feelings.

First, let’s dine

Trikytee and Laycon talked over drinks and some peppered meat in the Garden as they went over some Housemates and some happenings in the House. They talked about Kiddwaya and how they think he’s a cool person in the House. “If I were to be a viewer outside, Kiddwaya would be my favourite Housemate,” Laycon told Trikytee. Trikytee agreed to this as they talked more about how he’s just a cruise lord in the House. Laycon then went further to talk about who he cares for in the House; in order of preference, he said, “Erica, Vee and Praise”.

Some of you found it funny that Laycon and Trikytee Nominated each other but still ended up dining like friends

This life no truly balance abi?

In the midst of this, some of you pointed out the fact that Kiddwaya and Laycon didn’t Nominate each other, despite the underlying matter surrounding them

Wager prep

Biggie sent in the brief for this week’s Wager Task – for a chance to double their weekly Wager this week, they must put together a presentation in tribute to their Evicted Housemates. The presentation must be a simple comedy showcase where each of them must take on the personality and character of an Evicted Housemate. All Evicted Housemates must be represented and all of them must fully participate in making this happen. After taking out a few minutes to discuss who will be mimicking which Housemate, the Head of House dismissed the House and said they’ll meet up tomorrow. We can’t wait to see how fun this Task will turn out. Which of the Housemates do you think will make the best imitations?

Some of you had different reactions to the Wager preparations

Meanwhile, some of you thought the Head of House should have kicked off immediately with proper preparations in anticipation of a win this week

Let’s make up!

Vee and Neo had a little fight after the Nomination results were announced. Neo, Vee and Laycon discussed the Nomination list as well as the fears and uncertainties that come with it, when Neo said he was happy not to be facing possible Eviction this week. Vee felt that this statement was insensitive and found it offensive. For this reason, her mood turned sour; Neo noticed this and apologized for this. Suddenly, things lit up again in the Neo and Vee paradise and all was well again.

Watch how it went down last night

We’ve started seeing the effects of the first Nominations in the House of the Housemates, but do you think it will eventually change the dynamics and further divide the House?

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