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Day 41: Celebrating a Wager Task win

28 August 2020
For the second time the BBNaija Lockdown Geng have won their Wager Task and thanks to the good folks at Betway Nigeria and Guinness, the Housemates had a barbeque feast.
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After experiencing back to back losses, the Lockdown Housemates have finally secured a Wager Task victory for the second time in six weeks. Remember the last time they won was when Ozo was the Head of House and coincidentally, they won it again under his reign. A couple of you noticed this and were very proud of him and this feat as your congratulatory tweets kept pouring in.

Congratulations to the Housemates. They gave quite an emotional presentation for the Wager Task on Thursday. Although Biggie frowned on the attitude they put up as they prepared for the presentation, this wasn’t enough to rain on their victory parade as they broke into loud cheers when they heard they had won. With this victory, the Housemates have had their BBNaira shopping allowance doubled. That wasn’t all. Courtesy of the sponsors, the Housemates were given foodstuff to get their grill on. The Housemates were rewarded with a barbeque feast but they had to prepare it themselves.

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Grill hijack

With differing opinions on how to grill the chicken, it wasn’t long till a Housemate got upset and that Housemate was Lucy. She got upset because it seemed as if Kiddwaya hijacked the task of grilling from her and decided to wash her hands off it as she stormed to her room.

Some of you rooted for Lucy.

While some of you were firmly behind Kiddwaya.

Seeing how upset she was, Dorathy, Ozo and Prince went to placate her. Although she insisted she wasn’t upset, Dorathy objected saying the way she left implied she was mad at how the whole thing turned out.

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Kiddwaya, who appeared unbothered, gladly took on this task as he hinted Brighto that barbeque was his thing and he loved doing it. He just wondered why Lucy was behaving the way she was and why she felt they were ganged up on her to take the task from her when all he wanted to know was what she was doing. He quickly dismissed the thought saying today was a good day as he got caught up in the task of grilling.

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Barbecue party

Gathered in the garden, the Housemates led by the oracle (Neo) had a ball playing different games that had them doing daring and sensual things with members of the opposite sex. From Wathoni kissing Brighto to Brighto biting her butt, Neo unhooking bras, Nengi twerking and Erica gyrating on Neo, it was a wild night. 

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Halfway through the games, Neo and Ozo attempted to get Lucy to join the Geng outside but she still seemed upset and wasn't budging. Even you guys were certain she won't come out.

But you were wrong. She did come out to give Laycon a soothing sensual session.

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Hide and seek

Not ready to call it a night, the Housemates switched things up as they decided to play a game of Hide and Seek. Dorathy was the first to seek and she did quite immediately founding Brighto and Vee. Some of you found the hiding spots that some of the Housemates chose to be quite ridiculous. 

So excited were the Housemates as they played Hide and Seek that they kept playing it over and over again. They weren't the only ones excited by the game, you viewers were too. 


Thanks to Biggie for giving the Housemates a win in their Wager Task. We owe him for this exciting night and we eagerly look forward to more nights like this.

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