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Day 41: Another winning race for Ozo

29 August 2020
For a second time this Season, Ozo has made his Head of House reign a remarkable one in the Lockdown House.
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From winning the Head of House Challenge on Monday to getting the House their second Wager win this Season, Ozo has yet again triumphed as the most successful HoH yet in the Lockdown House.

During his reign as the first male Head of House, his efforts couldn’t have gone unnoticed as he led the House to their first Wager victory and also bagged the Friday Night Arena Games title that week. Safe to say he brought a loud win for the House as well as they all emerged successful in Tasks like the Patricia Challenge, Flutterwave Task and so on.

We need to give Ozo some accolades and serve him his bragging rights while it’s hot. Don’t you think?

A second time on the throne

Ozo started off his winning run again this week in the Head of House Challenge and it wasn’t surprising to see the Housemates cheer him on as most of them already told Biggie they would like him to sit on the HoH throne again. They termed his reign as peaceful and therefore, where looking forward to what his rule would bring to the House. With Nengi by his side as the Deputy Head of House, we can all agree that this week was peaceful in the Lockdown House; of course, without considering their usual food squabbles though.

Watch the beginning of his winning streaks this week here

A loud win for the House

It’s been six weeks down the line in the Lockdown game and it became quite worrisome that the Housemates had only won one Wager this Season. However, this week did not only serve them a big win with Indomie, the House also won their second Wager Challenge.

The amount of teamwork and effort they put into the Wager Challenge could not go unnoticed and after delivering such an emotional and artistic presentation, Biggie had no choice but to give them a well-deserved win and even a barbecue treat for their efforts and a job well done.

Coincidence or not, we can’t deny the fact that Ozo’s leadership might have brought the House the tranquility needed for this week’s success.

A lyrical win

In this week’s Pepsi musical Task, Ozo and Trikytee showed off their one-man band and put on a show that won them the prize of one million Naira and an all-expense paid trip to the One and a year’s supply of Pepsi.

Their sync was unmatched in this Task, see for yourself

Could he be the lucky charm in the House or maybe it was just yet another lucky week for Ozo as the Lockdown Head of House.

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