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Day 40: Working for the fans

28 August 2020
The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates take to the gym every morning. Today some were working their thoughts out, discussing what branding will mean for them outside the House.
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Keeping it light

After the Kuda Task and last night's deep Wager session, the Housemates made it to the Arena this morning to partake in their workouts of the day in high spirits. Everyone except Laycon who was happy enough sitting on the sidelines while his Housemates continued- one or two Housemates stopping to ask him if he was ok- which he said he was. Though the session is meant for working out, it's not just the body that works, as we caught up with some Housemates who discussed how the branding from the House will benefit them outside. 

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Wathoni spent the morning walking around the Arena at a steady pace on her own, while Laycon spent the whole morning sitting on the bench interacting with those who stopped by him. Prince worked on his fitness alone as he has been prone to do of late, though he was later joined by Trickytee who was previously working out with Brighto and Kiddwaya.

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Dance crew

Neo led one crew in the first workout of the morning. The crew consisted of LucyDorathyEricaVeeNengi and Tolanibaj who of course seemed to enjoy the session. When the crew settled down for more floor and core workouts they were joined by Ozo who helped push them. Lucy and Dorathy broke off from the group at this point as they were not working out today. They made happy by showing each other how to do splits and chatting about general life. 

Fave selection criteria

Brighto and Kiddwaya took up their regular spot in the Arena where they usually talk about anything and everything. After their separate workouts today the conversation seemed to start with how the viewers and fans view the Housemates. Brighto told Kiddwaya that viewers started by checking Housemate's performance in HoH Games, Saturday Night Party energy and Housemate's day-to-day energy to pick who their faves were. Kiddwaya agreed and continued that social media plays a big part too. 'People check your social media and check your life, how you're like, and it forms an idea in your head', said Kiddwaya. 'Exactly', replied Brighto. They continued to talk about how celebrities play a big part in the Housemates Game when they pick a fave. 

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They know who I am

While some napped, others danced. Tolanibaj joined Brighto and Kiddwaya in their corner and the conversation went further, starting with Kiddwaya remarking 'I'm sure Prince's whole village is voting for him', which sparked part two of their conversation. The trio related to each other how the week has been long, just as the journey so far has. Tolanibaj exclaimed that she is going to just have fun until Sunday. Kiddwaya responded 'If you go, you go' adding that 'It depends on how you use it on the outside'. He continued that they did not know how the Housemates were outside, for all they knew, the ex Housemates were killing it outside. Tolanibaj was happy to have done the Pepsi and Indomie challenges, saying 'At least they know who I am', adding later that 'They branded our faces on their merch, it's not easy now'. The Housemates continued weighing up their Tasks so far, satisfied that they had already made a mark and being in the House this long was already a Win for them.

As Sunday looms, we can see that Evictions are already on the Housemate's minds, and we wait to see what it means when they say they just want to have fun this weekend. 

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