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Day 40: To the heroes you love

28 August 2020
Just as the Housemates did during their Wager Task, Naija also shares their heroes with us and why they love them.
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We asked you who your personal heroes are, and you shared with us some really personal stories - thank you! So many of you came through and we're sorry that we couldn't possibly give a shout out to the hundreds of entries that we received. Instead, we have selected 14 in honour of the 14 Housemates currently in Biggie's house who shared their personal heroes during the Wager Task presentation.

To your superhero mums

Just like the Lockdown Geng, you also had emotional stories to share about your superhero mums and we loved every bit of it.

Akinnawo Mojisola said her mum, Mrs Florence Akinnawo is her hero and one in a million. Even though she is late now, she can never forget the impact she had in her life. She also appreciates her for making her the woman she is now and is grateful for all the skills she learnt from her mum that have provided her with opportunities.

Naemi M. Uushini talked about what her mum, Julia has gone through in life and how strong and resilient she is. That’s what makes her mum her hero and she hopes to be like her.

Alaohuru Peaceyinny Onyinye praised her brave mother, Mrs Oluchi Augustina Alaohuru, for the sacrifices she made and how she stood firm in the face violent circumstances to protect her kids.    

Ruth Nnochirionye called her mum, Mrs Chidiebere Nnochirionye her hero and inspiration and also a wholehearted giver She is caring and sacrificed a lot for all her 5 children to be well behaved and industrious. She is a prayerful woman and never cursed her children even at the worst provocation.

Mercy Alex Okonkwo lost her dad at an early age and her mom, Mrs Leticia Igboanusi took responsibility for caring for her and her eight siblings which wasn’t an easy feat. Thanks to her mum, four of them are university graduates, two are undergraduates and two are rounding up their 'o' level graduates. Mercy and her elder sister are married now with 5 kids in total.

Dad with the capes

Ernest Okoroma is Princess Nwamaka Okoroma’s hero and dad. He hails from Imo State Nigeria but lives in Boston where he works as a private taxi-driver. Despite the distance, he is always there for his family.

Blessing Rikhotso’s hero is her late dad for being there for all his seven children. He made sure they were all protected and loved. He also taught her to stand up for herself and emphasized the importance of education as a young girl.

Thomas Esther calls her dad her hero, her strength and her everything. Even though he was not an easy person to deal with, Esther believes Mr Badejo Thomas is absolutely the best. She prays God helps her to repay him.

Lynda Chinwendu Ideh’s hero is her dad, Christopher Ideh. He has been there for her and her siblings ever since her mum died 21years ago.  From making sacrifices to sending them to the best schools, Lynda is forever grateful to God for giving her someone like him

Rodney and Seledy Chabaluka are Chikondi Chabaluka heroes. They've been there for him and still are! He loves them both.

Husband my hero

Nnenna Ifeakandu’s hero is her husband, Abraham. According to her, “he is an angel on earth, sent by God to bring goodness to all and sundry. His level of maturity blows me aways all the time, if you don't believe in being happy every day, well welcome to my world, I'm married to happiness.”

The family that means the most

Umukoro Oghenerukevwe Favour calls her sister, Feta, her heor and she loves her so much. She’s a lover of God and a good mentor.

Asomadu Onyinye Joel adores her husband, Erumevwa Joel, a Petroleum Engineer. She describes him as a brilliant man that influences everyone around him positively and strives to give his family the best lives. He is her hero and would always be her Hero.

“Lady F. E Igberaese, Mrs Irene Musa-Omokhepue, Mrs, Martha- ''The Trinity'"These are Solomon Odianosen Igberaese lovely sisters and mom. They are the brain and pillars of the Igberaese family. From their hard work and cooperation with his mom, they were able to pull themselves out from total poverty. 

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