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Day 39: Users creativity means fun for all

28 August 2020
The only thing more enjoyable than watching Big Brother Naija, is watching all the great skits, memes, and videos the stans of the show go out of their way to create.
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The beauty of a great story is that not only does it grab you, hold you, and take over your mind, it also inspires you to go out and tell others all about it. Season 5 of Big Brother Naija has been so enthralling that it has captured the minds of creators and they have given the show a whole new life of its own. 

The contributions that Big Brother watchers have tweeted, acted out, Instagrammed, Youtubed, Facebooked, and shared on any other social platform have expanded the Big Brother universe so wide that even those who don’t watch are entertained and excited about the goings-on in Biggie’s House. Big Brother would like to send a salute to those who take the time to show the world that the best part of Big Brother isn’t winning money, it’s enjoying all the fun the fans, content creators, and social media gurus have with the show's happenings. Here is taste of the moments of brillince that have shown us that users can can have as much fun with Big Brother as the Housemates:

This musical compilation by Oiza and Meyi even had Biggie sining along happily.


Comedians always have a way of finding the lighter side of any happening and when Femi Imokhai gave Big Borther a bit of love, the result was spectacular.

It doesn't end there for Mr Imokhai, he also took the time to bless the world with this piece of perfection:

Having stans is a beautiful thing, but when your fans are the world-famous like the Ikorodu Bois, it makes for truly special content like this:  

One thing for certain is that the entertainment the Housemates provide is always equaled by the fun that users have generated themselves. Thank you to the original creators who take their time to give the content in Biggie's House as extended life.

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