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Day 39: Do they deserve a Wager win?

27 August 2020
The Housemates may have left us with some ‘aww’ moments during the presentation, but is that enough for a win?
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This evening, the Housemates gave an emotional Wager presentation as they took us on their personal journey, which was a celebration of the heroes in their lives, someone with a very special meaning to each of them.

While some Housemates tried to conceal their feelings and hide the emotional side of them, some of the Housemates like Trikytee, Neo, Lucy and Nengi did not fail to reveal their vulnerability and tell their stories about their mothers. They cried, we cried, and you cried too. Yes, we saw you cry!

We know that the Housemates put in a lot in their artistic and emotional presentation tonight but how far will this take them to a win this week? Biggie is a little hard to please when it comes to his Wager Tasks and has often explained to the Housemates to always take these Challenges seriously. So, are we seeing a second Wager win this Season? Do you think Biggie was impressed by their presentation? Well, we'll find out tomorrow evening when he reveals the Wager results to them. Until then, why don't we look at what you think.

Their presentation tonight left some of you begging Biggie to give them their Wager win this week

Some Housemates were sleeping while the presentation was going on and this made some of you wonder if Biggie will find this offensive and take this Wager from them as punishment for their sins tonight

For some, it’s the best Wager Task presentation they’ve ever seen all Season, so a win should be on the way for the Housemates

Some believe that since Ozo did it once and he’ll do it again for the House this week. Do you also agree with these tweeps?

Aww, shoutout to all the mums out there, y’all deserve your special capes

A Wager win will bring some light to the Lockdown House this week and will probably reduce the amount of food fights between them; but do they deserve this win this week?

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