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Day 38: Lockdown meme gawds

26 August 2020
Need a good laugh? Here's a look at all the times Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates gave us expressions that were totally meme-able.
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There’s no denying that we all love expressing ourselves through pictures that show a range of our emotions in the most hilarious way. In these hard and stressful times, we must cling to our cherished source of laughter: iconic internet memes.

Some of the best memes out there feature the familiar faces we know and love. These Lockdown Housemates have in one way or another found their way to become favourite memes in the BB Naija internet universe. We’re here to show you the best memes we found on social media that feature our very own Lockdown geng. So, enjoy, for your pleasure!

You can never catch Prince slipping on serving great memes in the House, and when you see him adjusting his sunglasses, get ready to update your media with a meme

This is a Dorathy meme appreciation line

Oya, pick your meme poison

We can’t easily forget this iconic moment in the House. Did someone say tranquility?

The Lockdown meme lords are always meme-ready, even in the midst of receiving Strikes

Does this caption remain relevant though? Whatever the case is, this meme represents just how big a mood can be

Of course, our meme catalogue won’t be complete without our resident counsellor

Which of the Lockdown Housemate(s) has given us the funniest meme so far?

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