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Day 38: Ebuka's book of sayings

26 August 2020
Ebuka always signs off a Sunday Live Show with some sage advice for the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates that we have put together for you here.
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It is week six in the House and we are out here getting to know more and more about the Housemates. Every week, we watch their reactions in the House, to each other, and all the tension around them as Ebuka appears on their screens. Weekly, with the Live Show, Ebuka comes through with some wise words that usually get the Housemates thinking. In case you have missed the shows so far, here are the five words of wisdom that Ebuka had for the Housemates before he bid them farewell for the week.

Week 1 Eviction

Though no one left the House in the first Eviction Sunday, Ebuka still told the Housemates that they seem to forget that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase themselves, it was also an opportunity for them to have fun. Not everyone would have the same length of journey in the House, and their journeys would not be the same. He reminded the Housemates that 'You know say belt and kpomo start from the same place but na only one end inside belle', a basic reminder that no to journeys are the same.

Week 2 Eviction

After saying goodbye to Lilo and Ka3na, Ebuka came in peace. He told the Housemates that they all seemed to be able to talk about the Housemates behind their backs and not to their faces. Whether it was feelings or opinions, the Housemates were unable to voice them to each other. The other thing he noticed was that the Housemates seemed to forget that they were playing a Game, which came with competition. Judging by their Arena Games was not the way they prepared for the Saturday Night Party. He reminded them that it would take an all-rounder to Win and that they needed to get into the Game properly. He added a final idiom to his advice, 'Goat no know say yam dey cost', which basically translated to the Housemates as they must be the goat and chew up the whole Game, especially if they were here to Win. 

Week 3 Eviction

Ebuka liked that the Housemates look out for each other, but cautioned that many of the Housemates disappeared into the House because they did not want to be put up for Eviction. He was not sure of the reason why but cautioned that this was not the way to Win the Game. He told them that the viewers would see through them, telling them that they need to stay consistent and sharp and try to Win the Game.  He ended off the night by telling them, 'Snake wey no get poison, dey go use am tie firewood last last.' Meaning that people will take advantage of you and if you do not stand your ground or act like you are supposed to, they'll take you for a ride. He told the Housemates that they needed to be the sharpest snakes, ready to bite to keep the action going. 

Week 4 Eviction

Ebuka reminded the Housemates that in playing the Game in weird ways, they were losing themselves. In trying to get too smart and too calculating, the viewers were able to decipher their motives and they could see every moves. He continued to tell the Housemates that they need to be cautious, but they needed to be smart enough to make sure that even the viewers would not know what was happening. He ended his session with the Housemates with the following wise words, 'Who dey owe landlord no dey cook food with curry.' Meaning, while they went about their business, they must not attract unnecessary attention to themselves.

Week 5 Eviction

This week Ebuka pointed out that the Housemates were trusting of each other, reminding them that there was N85,000,000 of prizes at the end of the road. Ebuka elaborated that the team had to be focused and be cautious. He emphasised his point with this idiom: ‘When ya goat lost, na your neighbors compound you go first check’. This was to say, as they trust those around them, they must also be careful of those around them. 

Though we have said goodbye to six Housemates so far, BrightoVeeKiddwayaWathoniEricaNeoLucyOzoTolanibajTrickyteeNengiPrinceLayconDorathy remain. We will still see what they have to offer and see who has listened to Ebuka's advice, and who hasn't in the coming few weeks. 

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