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Day 37: The wedding introduction skit

25 August 2020
The wait before the result for the cooking presentation was taking a while and the Housemates decided to have fun while they waited by acting out a drama
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When it comes to humour, the Lockdown Geng know how to get your ribs cracking and they do it with so much ease. This evening, they reenacted a wedding Introduction that had the internet laughing as they waited for their result from the cooking Task they just completed.

The wedding introduction

Gathered at the dining area, the Housemates, without any script or preparation acted out a typical wedding introduction scene. Initiated by Laycon who played the father of a prospective suitor, the Housemates recreated an introduction ceremony where they came to introduce themselves to their In-laws and formalise the union of both the families of the groom and the bride. Picking up on Laycon's pretend character, Vee immediately adopted the role of his wife who wasn't impressed with their In-laws social background and financial status. The rest of the Housemates soon joined in the play as they made fun of the usual drama that occurs between family members of different tribes at wedding introductions and also poked fun at each other. From making comments about their financial background to both families accusing themselves of indiscretions, the Housemates had a swell time trading insults.

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You actually found this impromptu skit so exciting

You couldn’t help but agree that they were really talented.

That will do

After been reminded by Lucy about the Wager Task, Ozo soon brought the Housemates back to reality to discuss the Task at hand.

Although some of you weren’t too pleased…

The rest of you knew there was more at stake and it was time to be serious.

Making a tribute

In preparation for the Wager Task, Laycon finally decided to pay tribute to his late dad while discussing with Vee. Even though when it comes to heroes, the first person he considers his hero is his mum, he felt he had to use the massive platform he was offered to pay tribute to his dad. According to him, there was still enough time to do a lot more for his mum. It was in this moment Laycon opened up about not being too close with his dad and the hurt he still nursed owing to his dad's untimely exit. He spoke highly of his dad and how he lost him to ill health. He wished things could have gone differently and his dad had spoken up about what he was going through earlier.  This tribute will definitely be an emotional one for Laycon.

Hopefully, the Housemates will be a lot committed to preparing for the Wager Task, so that they don't only win it, but also so that a certain Housemate will end up being at ease knowing he made his dad proud.

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